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Reigate, Surrey, UK

 No leaders, No elders

No leaders, No elders,
So our church has two fairly young guys that are called administrators.
The last 'overseer' (as he called himself) left for a new life in America a few months ago and suddenly appointed two guys to take the administrative roles one week before he left.
I think I see leaders in scriptures,
Any input from you guys would be welcomed.


 2016/3/18 9:52Profile

 Re: No leaders, No elders

You may be the elder leader, dear brother :-)
Rise up O man of God, have done with lesser the old song goes.
Sis across the pond, Leslie

 2016/3/18 11:10

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Joplin, Missouri

 Re: No leaders, No elders

Tony: Spend a good deal of time studying the offices of elders and bishops (they are the same thing...overseeers) in the New Testament. Look carefully at how Paul appointed men to eldership and how God called men to ministry. I think a careful study will be very revealing to you.


 2016/3/18 16:42Profile

 Re: No leaders, No elders

Hi Tony, is it a small gathering? If you had to name some leaders from among those who gather who would you have in mind. I think about how they chose deacons in the NT church. The folks who gathered chose those who were full of the Holy Spirit. Who amongst your gathering would you say is full of the Holy Spirit? Is there an evangelist among you? Someone who shares the Lord with the unsaved? Teachers? Prophets/exhorters? Are there those among you who has a calling to preach? There absolutely should be, among any gathering, the gifts that the Lord promised through his word for the edification of the Body. Part of the problem with the " system," of " church" is that it has been taken over by professionals with credentials other than that which we read of in the Scriptures...............bro Frank

 2016/3/18 17:31

 sound advice brother Frank.

I was struck by the terminology, "administrators".

what happened to the words of Jesus, say..."servant"?

no joke, email me my brothers, and I would be more than happy to purchase a dozen two sided sponges, a case of Ajax scouring powder, several stout rubber gloves, and the first man you see on his knees scrubbing out the loo and urinals....that's your man. or men!

and I don't write this in jest.

But I do pray this Work succeed in bringing precious souls from death to Life, in Christ, neil

 2016/3/18 19:07

 Re: sound advice brother Frank.

LOL Neil.
This is funny and true. The servant leader will get on his hands and knees not only to pray but to clean toilets.


 2016/3/18 19:53

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Northern Idaho

 Re: sound advice brother Frank.

Brother Neil your post reminds me of when I went to a 2 day prayer conference in another state. There were several of us who went in a van and were to be housed by those in the congregation. (One of several such vans from various places.) At the end of the first night there was some mix up and 3 of us had to wait while a place was found for us. It was late. While waiting I went to use the restroom. The pastor's wife was in there cleaning and restocking it to make it ready for the next day. I was struck by her servant's heart when I took a few minutes to talk with her.

Have a blessed day! May you see God's fingerprints in it. ... and do something fun!

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Joined: 2016/3/10
Posts: 28
Reigate, Surrey, UK


Thanks for your replies guys.
There is far too much going on at our church to be writing it all down on here but the basic picture is in two years we have gone from a full blown functioning church down to about 15 people on a good day.
Anyone who was moving in the gifts has left and pretty much all ministries have been shut down.
There was an outreach at Christmas to the local neighbourhood where one of our administrators was dressed as an angel, complete with halo, white gown and wings.
I stopped going to church for 3 years because of the way things are, when I went back it seems worse than ever. Im heartbroken about it all.
This website has been a great resource over time though and reading what you guys chat about on here keeps me comforted to know that some do take the Godly life seriously.


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