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Springfield, MO United States

 Re: thank you Blaine

Thanks for all of your dialogue regarding the film. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to provide a “horses-mouth” perspective by dialoguing with you. Your kind comments and authentic questions are encouraging to me, and a confirmation that God is moving and working through this project.

I will address each of you individually:

Thank you for your kind words. To answer your question, the only insight I have regarding the ban is what I’ve provided on the media outlets that I’ve directly talked to. (There are many reporting on the issue that I never spoke with, and are simply ghosting the story.) I have not heard from YouTube, nor do I expect to.

My best guess, and it’s just that, is that they viewed the content as “violence towards a religious group.” I clarified in my appeal that it wasn’t that. They still upheld the ban.

I so appreciate you carrying the banner of this conversation and here is why… you get it. You get the heart. You get the message. You get the motivation. I cheered silently in my heart with most of your posts. I can confirm that with most of it you are exactly right.

I would be willing to connect as you mentioned. I love talking about the film and the persecuted church.

Thank you. Your words are incredibly encouraging. God helped us make this film at a level that I believe could be taken seriously.

In regards to your comments on the first-person narrative style… you are spot on. There are numerous challenges that accompany live-dialogue scenes. We had enough confidence in the writing that we felt we could pull off a VO based film.

Your understanding regarding the issue of the YouTube ban is close. Here are the things that are not exactly right:
- I’m not certain that the “flag” button was pressed by an individual. When the film was shared with an unlisted status (only viewable if you have the direct link) it was only shared with two individuals that I deeply trust. Neither of them confessed to pushing the button.
- It is possible that the initial flag was done by a ‘bot.’ But that is an assumption. There are no supporting documents from YouTube to explain this process. My understanding from a source inside the organization is that the appeal process is done by a human, but again not confirmed by the company.
- I am not a part of the YouTube media networks.

I had to end up paying for a pro membership on Vimeo because their free membership only allows for 500MB of upload data per week. The film is 3.2GB. I had to buy a pro account to even upload the film. I decided to keep it to take advantage of the higher quality stats.

We are providing the film on DVD for those interested in having it on hard copy and having teaching curriculum that we have written to go with the film for small groups/churches. The film is still available online for all to watch for free. The DVD is only for those that want this film in a hard media format. We are charging to compensate for the materials (print and discs). So it’s not ‘verses’ as you say, it’s ‘in addition to.’

The Kickstarter campaign was not the only avenue we used to raise funds. We raised enough funds. I did contribute personally, but it’s in error to base our budget off of what you see on the Kickstarter page. We had more donations come through other sources.

I wanted to address an earlier post before I proceed on answering your final two questions.

However, it is apparent that the director has infringed in the past in some of the videos he has created for New Life Church in Springfield, MO.

I thought it was unfair to portray my loose use of copyrighted materials on other works that I’ve done as a comparison to this project. Your understanding on this is not complete. I work for a church that doesn’t have the resources to create original music for each ‘bumper’ or ‘promotional’ video that we do. Yes, I use music owned by other organizations internally for those things. We reserve the rights to use those materials via our CC licenses internally. We don’t make profits or sell those items. Chased on the other hand, is completely original. Music, writing, footage… ALL completely original. I never claimed that my work that I do for the church is. To develop original work for every task I’m given is impossible.

Before looking up the director, his YouTube channel or watching any of his work, the quote from the article said this man has a guilty conscience.

Not true. There is no guilty conscience, and nobody wrote of one. Many people have pushed aside the ban as a copyright issue. It is NOT. Myself and 7:13 Productions owns the copyright to the film.

I suspect too that the reason we learned about CHASED being 'banned' was because he had to open a PLUS account on Vimeo which costs about $60/year. That and his film company is selling copies on DVD for $12, Also based on the numbers he invested around $1,500 out of his own pocket.

All untrue. Sure, the Vimeo Pro account and DVDs are happening, but that's not the reason you learned of CHASED being 'banned.' This is a great lesson to us all to not jump to assumptions. They create rumors that are far off base.

In response to your last two questions: Things are going well for the Chased project. We are nearing 20,000 views in a little over a month and have been featured by over 30 media sources including 2 national and 3 international. The movie has been viewed in over 100 countries. A fellow believer in South America translated the script to Spanish for subtitles. We are excited for what God has in store next for this project.

At this time, I am solely focused on the success and distribution of this project. If God calls me… future projects are likely to happen.

Thank you so much. Your kind words are really encouraging to the whole team. Be blessed.


 2016/3/26 18:38Profile


Hey Josh!
Brother, I just wanted you to know I really appreciated the film & the heart to bring awareness to our persecuted brethren throughout the world using the medium of video & a modern day analogous American cultural setting. I thought it was very well done. I was impressed. And as one who has a heart for the persecuted church, I think you did it justice. May God bless you in your work. The guys with House of Grace Films (did The War Within) was also working on a full length feature one called "Disciples in the Moonlight" that has been postponed until funding has been accrued. It looked from the trailer like it would be Good also (I loved the War Within personally). Anyways, brother, keep it up! Use the talents God has clearly given you to love God with all your heart, mind, & soul & love your neighbor (like our persecuted brethren, the least of these) as yourself.
God Bless!

 2016/3/26 20:02


Josh: I Was just curious - have you had a chance to view "Sheep Among Wolves, Chronicles of the Persecuted Church Volume 1" Free on Vimeo yet? Very well done IMHO. You should definitely check it out. I have a feeling you would connect/relate/appreciate it

 2016/3/26 20:10


Hi Josh:

Having prayed and mediated on the reality of the persecuted church since I first read "The Heavenly Man," in 2003: I want to say that I appreciate you bringing a VERY professional 'visual' of what the Holy Spirit has pressed upon my mind and heart for many years. I continually carry burdens for my dear brothers and sisters who are daily persecuted, tortured and martyred in the restricted nations and within the 10/40 Window. All the while learning from them that NOTHING in this world can compare with knowing Jesus as my Lord, Savior and God. Christ is my life! Jesus is Lord! How I have been faithless to Him, but He has ALWAYS been faithful. We love Him because He first loved us, Christ has bought us with a price: with His precious blood, and we are not our own. We have been bought with a price and we are bondslaves of Christ. Preach Christ and Him crucified.

Regarding our brothers and sisters in chains and being persecuted:

For momentary, light affliction is producing for them an eternal weight of glory far beyond all comparison, while they look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen; for the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal (2 Cor. 4:17-18).

I have oftentimes in my mind's eye mediated on the principalities and powers who use men, who were created to glorify God, coming into my home and threaten to kill me and my believing wife if we do not deny Christ: my only response is: NO. Also, if allowed by the Holy Spirit to speak more: how could I deny the One and only true God and Jesus Christ who died for me and who has given me eternal life and restored fellowship with them? However, in seeing your film Josh, it brought up the question again in a VERY real way: How could I deny my Lord and God?

"Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you entirely; and may your spirit and soul and body be preserved complete, without blame at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ" (1 Thess. 5:23).

I look forward to your future projects, Lord willing.

Sincerely thank you and all who served on this film project,


 2016/3/27 10:19

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