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I will say I quite enjoyed both (not either or). One is how it is where we are in Erica (& God works in & uses that paradigm too) & one is where much of the church has been & is in other places in the world (& could be here one day). War Room is based on real events too. The real praying lady was a polish senior prayer warrior who prayed for revival in her secret place all her remaining days. Stephen Kendrick showed her the final editing draft first in her home. She wept. She died like 1-2 days later. This can be seen on the extra specia features if you bought the film.

So IMHO it's not about pitting "what is" & "what could be (or what is in other places)" against each other.

God Bless,

 2016/3/11 19:10


Jeff "War Room" was good. But I am always partial to movies that deal with the persecuted church. Probably because my prayer ministry focuses on the persecuted.

I have seen "Risen". Intend to see "The Young Messiah". Also "God is Not Dead Part 2". But for me my preference will always be with movies that deal with the persecuted church.

Just my thoughts bro.


 2016/3/11 19:20

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Just curious. Why would you want to see "Young Messiah?" It has to be 90% fiction. Other than the scene at the temple when he was age 12, we know absolutely nothing factually about The Lord Jesus's young years.

If any film is pandering to American Christianity, that is.

I really liked War Room- the message was good- the movie-- like all Kendrick movies-- was a tad cheesy but I still liked it.


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Read novel YM based on. Fiction and myth. Entertaining, but no truth.


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Brothers just to say I saw it. Not saying it's accurate. But just to see it and say I was entertained.

I still prefer movies which deal with the persecuted Church. But I like to watch faith-based movies and be entertained. And sometimes edified. Faith-based movies beat the other garbage that's found in the theaters these days.

Bro Blaine

 2016/3/11 23:06

 Re: Thoughts from the video

This morning I reflected upon the message of the movie "Chased". This film was not made in a vacuum. But what occurs in this film occurs in reality in nation such as North Korea, Somalia, Eritrea, Iran, and countless other places in the restricted nations. To be completely honest living in America, I do not know what it is to relentlessly pursue Christ even in the face of death.

Tomorrow, many will wake up and go to their church services. They will not have to worry about taking alternative routes. They will not have to worry about having people watch for the secret police. They will not have to worry about singing the hymns in quietness. Actually they will have very little to worry about. Probably the main concern for Americans going to church is what shall I wear. Then when they get to the church service what type of latte shall I take into the service.

How very different from those brothers and sisters that meet in secret places to worship Christ. Do we really value Jesus that we would be willing to risk death to seek Him.

Bro Blaine

 2016/3/12 8:06

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Bear wrote:

"Probably the main concern for Americans going to church is what shall I wear. Then when they get to the church service what type of latte shall I take into the service."

Perhaps if the underground church in China and elsewhere were not being persecuted and not having to worry about meeting in quiet, and secret, they too would be picking out something nice to wear and grabbing a coffee in the lobby on Sunday morning.

We are blessed not to be persecuted here. The question is whether we should feel guilty for not being persecuted.

I am not talking about little persecutions that may arise for speaking the truth or standing up for the Lord-- we should expect those and if we are not experiencing them we are likely not a strong enough witness; I am talking about state sponsored persecution with deaths and imprisonment.

I don't feel guilty we are not going through that, nor do I feel guilty for grabbing a coffee in the lobby. It's free after all :)


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 Re: Youtube Bans Movie Chased


I would suggest that you don't buy into the "banned" story. YouTube has many automated systems people can easily take advantage of. There is an ongoing movement to fight the abuses of the system. Well known channels have uploaded videos explaining what has been going and how it has affected them. Just about any registered user is able to file a complaint and for most situations there is no human in the middle ensuring a fair outcome. This can tie up videos and channels for up to three months before there is any resolution.

I also ask you to consider the wording of the title of this thread. Why was a word with so much nuance and innuendo used to describe the situation? The publishers still had other video hosting platforms available, in fact, it is now available on Vimeo. We should be especially critical when dealing those who work in the field of persecution because persecution is the sign of authenticity. So if someone is wanting to take advantage, they can lie about or manufacture it. Just think about the difference between Paul's authentic testimony of persecution and what we are presented with today.

I think this situation is like the difference between having CCM running in your home versus worshiping through songs, hymns and spiritual songs that naturally flow from your heart. The Scripture clearly commands the latter. Watching dramas about theorhetical persecution versus remembering those in chains is something you already know about. This is the work you were created to do before the foundation of the earth.

 2016/3/12 13:28Profile


Nobody is saying "feel guilty you aren't persecuted" (I know I never am anyways), but to REALLY look at these things & REALLY take them to heart. If your local body here is "feeling like their going through such a great trial" because they don't have Dunkin Donuts anymore after service (I say that with a taste of hyperbole only to say sometimes what we are "struggling with" can be petty if we don't have historical, Biblical & worldwide perspective - we are a little spoiled here in the West & I am not exempting myself from that observation whatsoever). Seeing what saints are really going through in life and death situations for their faith can have a "perspective gaining" effect on our trials (though certainly real to us, sometimes aren't as "big" as we feel they are). That's the point I'm sometimes trying to stress (& Blaine may be too? I don't know for sure?). There's a difference is "understanding something as a mental fact" (like Hebrews 11, Hebrews 13:3 & the realities of real brethren) & really opening our heart to "carry the Lord's Burden" in truth & intercession. I hope that makes sense.

Watching these stories & reenactment a helps really "bring it home". To say something & actually really meditate on & consider it deeply & thoughtfully to a point where God can really move us to give/support, intercede, champion/promote, etc. are two different things. Me & another brother sat down yesterday & discussed this very thing. If we could sit & I could share face to face & heart to heart in real fellowship where I could bear the burden God has given me (& others) in this area beyond mere "mental assent" it might be better understood & received, but that's my best "attempt" on a separated forum thread with people I didn't even know (nor do you REALLY know me) in real fellowship/relationship. 😊

 2016/3/12 13:43


And that second part was supposed to be addressed to Jeremy221, not Julius21. Sorry

 2016/3/12 14:02

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