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Joined: 2011/8/14
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I did not know you were posting your last post to me,until after I had submitted
This last time,but I now see,that we are thinking along the same lines.

I just read where Paul said ,.."let us mind the same same thing."

I hope I am not taking that out of context,but he is talking about our walk and the cross,..pressing toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

Appreciate the interest shone here,

And I truly thank Him,our King,

I,who am not worthy of His goodness,..Thank Him,

He,who is worthy of all our praise,..I bow my heart,


 2016/3/13 23:53Profile

Joined: 2011/8/14
Posts: 1043


Bro JFW,
I,Too,appreciate your thought's here
and am encouraged by them.



 2016/3/13 23:58Profile

 Jesus is not religious enough

It is a profound irony that the Son of God visited this planet and one of the chief complaints against Him was that He was not religious enough.

- Rebecca M. Pippert

 2016/3/14 21:46

 Jesus not interested in religion

God is not interested in religion, but He is tremendously interested in life. You cannot read the New Testament without realizing that the Lord Jesus did not care a whit for the Sabbath regulations of his day when they were set against the need of a broken man for healing. God is not interested in stained glass windows, organ solos, congregational hymns or even pastoral prayers half so much as He is in producing love filled homes, generous hearts and brave men and women who can live right in the midst of the world and keep their heads and hearts undefiled.

- Ray Stedman

 2016/3/16 13:02

 Re: Jesus not interested in religion

RELIGION is managed spirituality—an attempt to make people feel better about themselves without helping them discover the reality of their own friendship with the Living God. It is man's attempt to do God's work.

- Wayne Jacobsen

 2016/3/19 9:05

 The living Christ is the center of our faith

ONE might think that, with the Bible as the center of Christianity, the unity of Christians could be easily realized. But unfortunately this has not proved true, though we can consider it fortunate indeed that, as this inability to unify proves, the letter of the Bible cannot really replace the living Christ as the center of our faith.

- Kokichi Kurosaki

 2016/3/23 1:09


Whenever the periphery is in danger of displacing the center, we are not far removed from idolatry.

- D.A. Carson

 2016/3/24 0:53


A BRITISH nobleman preaching the gospel in Sweden some years ago was asked by a lady what church he belonged to. "To the Church of Christ" was his reply. "Yes, but to what branch?" she insisted. "Madam, I do not belong to any branch. I belong to the Trunk."

 2016/3/27 16:26


Beware of a religion in which Christ is not the first, foremost, chief, principal object -- the very Alpha in the alphabet of your faith.

J.C. Ryle

 2016/4/1 22:26


I believe in a secular Christ. I do not believe in a religious Christ. I believe one of the whole difficulties of Christianity is we've put Christ in a special building, for a special occasion, with special forms of worship, special music, special everything. Cut the special out; put your hands in your pocket and go in your old blue jeans. Christ is a secular person.

- Norman Grubb

 2016/4/6 13:35

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