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You got it Jeff. I can see in your reply that you understand where he is coming from.

 2016/3/12 19:25


Hi Julias,

Julius, if a subject causes contention and one continually posts threads on the same subject over and over again,one after the other, then obviously that one has their own reasons for doing so. I believe, rightly or wrongly that you had your own reasons for posting multiple threads on a divisive subject even although you were getting beat up for it. Now, its happened to me and I did not expect anyone to come to my aid, I knew what I was doing and therefore the consequences were mine. Does that make sense? You see, I have no rights, not on this forum nor in the world.

I personally believed you were wrong in your estimations of Jeff and simply spoke to that. I have found Jeff to be without guile and what you see is what you get which is refreshing.

I do thank you for your kind comments though and I appreciate them very much.My e-mail is available for further private conversation if you like, you can even have my phone number :) Private conversations are much better regarding personal issues. That leaves the posts open to glorify the Lord and exhort the saints. I am sure you would agree. God bless you brother and may we discover the riches of His glory together as we focus on Jesus..........bro Frank

 2016/3/12 19:48


It's all good, Frank.

I don't really have any personal issues with anyone. I too think we should strive to glorify Christ.

God bless you too and same to Jeff.

 2016/3/12 20:14

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Brother Jeff,

You made a sweeping generalization of one of my personal fav teachers which, wether sinister or not, attempted to dismiss one of the greatest revivalist in American history....

So would you please explain your comment and the thoughts behind it which so quickly cut the legs from our dear brother Charles Finney?

Thanks in advance,


 2016/3/12 21:36Profile


Sorry JFW,
No offense intended. I used to really love Finney too. I still like
Some of his stuff, but find some of it to be a Little unbalanced. Anyways, I did not intend to offend or judge/belittle/demean Finney, I promise. "Plow up your fallow ground" is a great Biblical concept & I'm not taking shots or any such thing. I don't want to go down the road of exactly what all I disagree with Finney on this forum thread right now, sorry. It would take forever & not sure it would bear much good fruit anyways. Some things the Lord has to show each of us over time as we walk, fall, get picked up & restored, study, see errors we didn't see before by the grace of God, study some more, have an experience with the Lord, get chastised for our own benefit, study, seek the Lord get further rhema from the pneuma & the logos, etc. Anyways, God Bless you JFW. I didn't mean any harm or offense, I promise!
In Him,

 2016/3/13 0:46


So Jeff, you wouldn't recommend Finney because he is unbalanced in your opinion?

 2016/3/13 0:50


I don't recommend a lot of Finney because he is unbalanced & can focus SO MUCH on self/sin that condemnation can be what's reaped. I don't feel
That way with Paul Washer, AW Tozer, David Wilkerson, or even Leonard Ravenhill, & these are all men who preached directly to the subjects of sin, repentance, self-examination, holiness, etc. Finney just had at times something like what John Wesley had early on (& then later in his life wrote about himself he somewhat evolved out of). The difference was in how it came across & focus. Finney was never "my favorite" to read anyways. These are all just my 2 cent observations/opinions though.
God bless,

 2016/3/13 1:01


It is possible to be exact and correct in your doctrine and to be perfectly dead. Whatever may be the need of the recovery of lost truth, THE NEED OVER ALL... is the recovery of spiritual revelation as to the Lord Jesus, to see Him anew.

- T. Austin-Sparks

 2016/3/13 1:15

 What has taken the place of Christ?

All the wretched mess that exists in the organization of Christianity today... is because something specific in itself, either a movement, a mission, a teaching, a testimony, a fellowship, has taken the place of Christ.

- T. Austin Sparks

 2016/3/13 9:30


I like that T-Austin Sparks quote MUCH better. 😊 lol. Ravenhill used to say similar type things. As did Tozer.

"Good theology/doctrine is a good thing, but when it's detached from the vibrant spiritual life of Christ through the in dwelling Holy Spirit within, it's just dey dead orthodoxy of mental assent & phariseeiacal hypocrisy"
Jeff Marshall (☺️)

 2016/3/13 9:50

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