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 Jesus the Passover lamb by N. Daniel

“And He [Jesus] said unto them [His disciples], With desire I have desired to eat this passover with you before I suffer: For I say unto you, I will not any more eat thereof, until it be fulfilled in the kingdom of God. And He took the cup, and gave thanks, and said, Take this, and divide it among yourselves: For I say unto you, I will not drink of the fruit of the vine, until the kingdom of God shall come. And He took bread, and gave thanks, and brake it, and gave unto them, saying, This is my body which is given for you: this do in remembrance of me. Likewise also the cup after supper, saying, This cup is the new testament in my blood, which is shed for you” (Luke 22:15-20). Read also Acts 20:1-28.

This Passover took place at night. Jesus gathered His disciples together for the feast. It was the remembrance of the deliverance from the land of sin, the land of oppression and the land of darkness.

God gave them a schedule to follow at the feast. The first Passover feast was held in the land of Egypt. A spotless lamb was to be taken and roasted. No bone in it was to be broken. The blood of the lamb was to be smeared on the doorposts and lintel. That night was a critical night for all the land of Egypt. It was a regular fight between the powers of darkness and the people of God.
Wherever the gospel of Jesus is not preached, the prince of this world reigns and darkness fills the place. “The prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me,” said Jesus (John 14:30). When Jesus was in this world, He had just enough power to keep the devil away from Himself and His ministry. The devil could find no sin in Jesus. But now the prince of this world was coming and had power to attack Him because He was taking on Himself the sin of this world.
If there is sin in us, the powers of darkness can overcome us. The powers of darkness, when disturbed from their long-standing rulership over a particular area over a long stretch of time, can kill men who are not protected against them. People who practise black magic are ultimately killed by the powers of darkness. The blood of the Passover lamb (Jesus) is complete protection against the powers of darkness. After smearing the blood on their doorposts, the children of Israel were to eat the flesh of the lamb to gain strength for the long journey defying the armies of Egypt and the powers of darkness. With their waists girded and fully dressed, ready to start on the journey, they were to eat standing. Jesus was celebrating that great deliverance of the people of God.
What a bondage they were in! How they were labouring hard for a foreign king and not for themselves or for their children. They were building treasure cities for Pharaoh. The worst part of their bondage was that their male children were to be thrown into the river. They laboured and laboured days without end and in vain. Men of this world who only labour to gather wealth for themselves and their children, not labouring at all for the kingdom of God, are labouring in vain. They are labouring for a kingdom destined to fail.

The blood is of the utmost significance. People do not know it. Therefore a very shallow religion is the result. The blood has eternal power. When we observe the Holy Communion, we remember the death of Jesus who was slain for us. Through His blood we get complete protection. When we eat His flesh, we are taking in a sustaining power. His flesh is His Word. When we believe His word, meditate on it and take it in, we are taking in a sustaining power. This is a mystic observance conceived by an infinite mind. We must come to it well prepared or we are doing it to our own damnation.

The Passover had to be eaten with bitter herbs to remind them of the bitter bondage in Egypt. You have to eat the lamb. The flesh (His Word) is to be roasted in the fire (the Holy Spirit). The fire of heaven prepares for you the Word of God, so that when you take it in, a great power comes into your spirit. Whenever you remember the death of Jesus, the powers of darkness cannot attack you through your thoughts or imaginations or your memory or your affections. The blood of Jesus protects us from all sin.

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