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 Kissed by justice and mercy

Wrote this poem this morning after a talking to a brother about justice and peace kissing (psalm 85)

Justice and mercy have kissed
And my heart was broken and healed
Your love which I so long dismissed
Now covers forever and seals

Oh Lord of heaven above
And of earth and sky and sea
How I rest in the warmth of your love
Once was shackled but now I am free

Your love and truth are my guiding light
And your mercy never comes to an end
Your fire and glory light up the night
While you fall down from the heavens you rend

Fill up the valley my glorious King
Flood the whole earth with joy and with praise
Look kindly upon the sacrifice I bring
That I may follow you all of my days

Oh justice take the hand of mercy
That glory may dwell in our land
In the shadow of victorious Calvary
Where sin lost its final last stand!

 2016/2/19 14:26

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 Re: Kissed by justice and mercy

Thats beautiful brother. If you wouldn't mind putting your name to it I would like to pass it on to a few ministers I know. So with your permission I would like to print it out and hand it out. Let me know. God Bless Bro Daryl


 2016/2/20 11:12Profile

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Dear brother, it was brother Frank who wrote it: Frank McEleny

I am sure he will be fine to give it out freely to encourage God's people.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2016/2/20 12:35Profile


Hi Daryl, Greg is correct, please feel free to share with anyone. Anything I ever write is for sharing and bringing glory to God..............bro Frank

 2016/2/20 13:18


Hi bro Daryl, I e-mailed you my poetry website, it may bless you...........bro Frank

 2016/2/20 13:27

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Hi Frank, I have appreciated some of your poems on here over the years. Could you email me the address of your website (or post it here or put it in your profile)? Thanks!

 2016/2/20 17:27Profile


Hi Koheleth, this is a link for my poetry,

 2016/2/21 0:45

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Thx Bro. I am passing it on with your website ear marked on the bottom of the copies. Thank you. God Bless Bro. Daryl


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