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Joined: 2004/10/28
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Nairobi, Kenya

 Knowing more about our God

Dear all,
I'm looking for a sermon/article/thread or just thoughts on the attributes of God and how we ought to love Him.

I got insipired by a sermon Richard Owen Roberts where he said he's re-reading the entire bible and underlining every place where God speaks in the first person, so he can study God's self-revelation.

Been sharing with a group of believers on the two greatest commandments, and I believe one reason why this generation of believers are so powerless is because we're forgotten who God really is and what His requirements are, i.e. we're fogotten wat it means to supremely love God.

I did a search and didn't find much (got all ariticles/sermons with 'love' 'for' and 'God'--nothing focused).

Would appreciate any help.

Richard Walker

 2005/5/17 5:34Profile

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 Re: Knowing more about our God

Sir, your request - if followed through - will result in a very interesting venture. The scriptures promise us that if we seek Him, He will be found.

There are two things I do whenever I read the Bible. One is ask for Holy Spirit guidance and two, as I read I ponder: what does this scripture tell me about the nature God: his personality, his character, his will, etc. Do this and you will wean yourself from the need to read the latest books written about God.

This has been my experience and it has been a blessing.

Sandra Miller

 2005/5/23 22:20Profile

 Re: Knowing more about our God

Beloved, please read Isaiah 58 prayerfully. Is this not our God revealing His will, His "fast", His choosing? What does it say about His hearts desire? How are we to love our neighbor as ourself? Then please come back here and share what you found out about our God; what moves Him, what stirs Him. Compare that with what is paraded as American christianity and see if the two line up. Then come and share with us. God bless you and reveal Himself to you as you do.

 2005/5/23 22:41

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New England USA

 Re: Knowing more about our God

Dear Brother,

The more I discover about God, the more I discover how opposite He is from me. My ideas (no matter how great they are) are so far from His ideal plan for my life. My children, my husband, and my family look different through His eyes. Even the way I look at myself is different from the way He looks at me. It is really an amazing thing!!!! I remember one day I was praying something like this: "oh Lord how can you love a sinner like me" and the Lord just stopped me dead in my tracks and said "stop it, you think you are praying a prayer of humility, but you are really praying a prayer of disbelief. I love you, you are precious to me"

The more time I spend with Him the more He reveals Himself to me and the more I am changing in His image. And just when I think I have all the answers and all there is to know, it's then that He reveals to me how little I really do know!

If I love, it's because He is Love, if I have wisdom it's the mind of Christ within me. If I have compassion for my brother it's His heart beating in me. I am no longer dead to sin becuase He died for me!!


 2005/5/23 22:51Profile

 Re: Knowing more about our God

both of you have encouraged me..the first poster..and the one right above me...(all the others have to but, mainly the 2).

Now, the first guy/girl. I love hearing that, im just the same, 'wow God...i suck'. God says "huh? I've made you holy, what you talking about?" (para-phrase, even though at times God DOES speak like that to me).

The one above me, wow, there is SOO much more to the bible than we could ever imagine. Like today i just picked up the Apocrapha, i know its not inspired like the Bible. But, i just felt like reading it, sloppy grammar, it truly sounds like I COULD WRITE IT. It's too much of a 'wanna be story'. Like it tries to be like the bible, but can never make it. And i saw a few contradictions, hehe, with only reading 4 chapters. But, after reading those 4, i just was in happiness of the LOVE flowing out of the Bible we hold today. Thank you precious Father!

In His Forever Promises,
2 Peter 1:4, Eph.3:6

 2005/5/24 1:21

 Re: i am no longer dead to sin because He died for me!![Tinluke]


 2005/5/24 6:09

Joined: 2004/10/28
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Nairobi, Kenya

 Re: Knowing more about our God

Ginnyrose wrote


One is ask for Holy Spirit guidance and two, as I read I ponder: what does this scripture tell me about the nature God: his personality, his character, his will, etc. Do this and you will wean yourself from the need to read the latest books written about God.

Thanks. I'm guilty of one thing. Wanting to know too quickly.

BH Clendennen speaks about when he wanted the Lord to speak to Him concerning his heart condition. So he locked himself up and began reading right from Genesis. And somwhere in Psalms (I think) God's Word leaped at him and he got healed.

What it Means to Pray Through

Anyway, after listening to that message. I opened up Genesis and said, "Lord, you spoke to that guy, now I need You to speak to me too."
I'm now in Joshua 15, and God IS speaking to me, opening things up--even in the books of the law, what I before considered quite a slog became exciting and revealing!

Lahry wrote

Please read Isaiah 58 prayerfully.

Will follow your advice.

Lahry wrote

Compare that with what is paraded as American christianity and see if the two line up.

I will not be able to give you an accurate comparison because I'm all the way in Kenya.

But coming back to the question;
I think there's a place for listening/reading something by a preacher/teacher who walks closely with the Lord and testing it against the Word.

Perhaps I should have titled it this thread:
"Top 3 sermons that have changed your view on God"

I don't know how to phrase the question right, or to be more specific, but here goes...
If there are messages/series that have magnified the Lord before your eyes, please help.

Plus, would be great if you could give a brief.. :-)

Much love and gratitude for your support.

Richard Walker

 2005/5/24 11:16Profile

 Re: Mtembezi.....

I was in prayer one morning. I was really seeking the Lord and He was sweetly letting some of His glory leak out of heaven upon my heart. As I groaned in prayer, I said "Lord, I want to be all I can be in you". He replied, "rather My son, I want to be all I can be in you!" Needless to say, the Lord and I had church that morning. Oh how I wept as joyous waves of wonder flooded my soul. God wants to be all He can be in all of us, if only we would die so He could bring it to pass. Selah, pause and think of that.
All that we have and all that He need, He is. That is why Jesus exhorted us to "seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His rigteousness, then all these things will be added unto you". God is all in all, and we stand complete in Him.
God bless you and all the saints in Kenya. From south Louisiana, USA, we send our heart felt love and blessings to you.

 2005/5/24 20:50

Joined: 2004/4/29
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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Dear Bro.(metmbezi)

I have attached for you from Charles Finney's sermons " The Benovelance of God" on your private e-mail address. It is impossible to post it here for it is a little bit large.

Hope the Lord will touch your spirit. Please keep us posted on what you gain from it.

Your Sis Mekdi

Mekdes Tsige

 2005/5/26 1:08Profile

 Re: finding God

The scripture quote that was used was

The scriptures promise us that if we seek Him, He will be found.

I was reading the post, eating my breakfast, and I saw this scripture that was quoted and I pushed the plate to one side to respond and pulled the plate back and said, "I'll get to it in a moment", and then the LORD speaks, "your going to push my food aside for carnel food, like Esau?". The plate was again, pushed aside and now I am writing this.

The thought that came to mind when I read that scripture is that God shall be found, but He doesn't blow up in your face when He comes. He comes when you don't least expect it. He usually come as a person bearing a word for you. He could be in a scenic picture, or thru visions and dreams, but one things for sure, when you have found Him, YOU WILL KNOW IT on the inside in the Kingdom of God which resides on the inside of your innermost being.

At betimes I seek the LORD, I seek only for His Wisdom and His Understanding and to know His Ways.
When He says that "His ways are past finding out", He is not saying you will never know them. No, they are just not obeserved by those who have another agenda besides the LORD. When you WANT to know the LORD, He reveals Himself in the most wierdest ways, the most oddest way imaginable. If your willing to forsake your traditions, He will teach you His Ways out of His Word through circumstances and situations. Some can be joyful most are painful. At times beloved, I thought I was going to lose my mind, but He again, held that together because He is longsuffering towards us not willing that any of us perish in our lack of knowledge.

His Ways are not observed because no one wants to go the pathway that is set to know those Ways, it's hard and trying road, but it's worth every moment.

We move from a shallow look at how we see God to the intricate workings that He works behind the scenes, sometimes working on people for many years. Those are the things we do not see, therefore we judge our brother foolishly, again, if we knew His Ways, we would not judge that way. When judgement is done righteously, it's because we know His Will and His Ways as in the case of Ananias and Saphirra. This judgment was done out of love for the many.

Jesus knew His Father's Will and Ways yet His judgement is not His own, but the Father's.

"I can of mine own self do nothing: as I hear, I judge: and my judgment is just; because I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent me.


 2005/5/26 10:53

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