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 Valentine's Day

For those of you that have a romantic spark in you. This will be a day when you will do something with the love of your life. Perhaps to take her to a special dinner or movie. Or perhaps to make him that special meal. Or to do something to show your love for that special person that God has brought into your life. That special person you call your helpmate.

Yet I was surprised to learn that Valentines Day actually has its origin in Christianity. In the persecuted church to be exact. And speaks to the relevance of our day.

I'm only going to sketch out a brief history here. More can be gleaned from the persecution blog on Voice of the Martyrs. Or on the church history section of CBN. But here is what I was able to gleam.

It seems in the later 3rd century there was a church leader by the name of Valentinious. He lived under the reign of Emperor Claudius. Claudius had an edict that soldiers could not marry. Thus believing that single men could fight better for the Empire. Needless to say though that sexual perversion was encouraged. But marriage was not.

The story goes that Valentinious would secretly marry a man and woman if God brought them together. Oftentimes the young man would be a Christian soldier marrying a young Christian woman. This entirely in violation to Emperor Claudius decree of no marriage. Particularly to soldiers of the empire.

As a result Valentinious suffered the wrath of the Emperor Claudiius and was imprisoned. While in prison his jailer was moved by the testimony of this dear man of God. As such the jailer converted to Christ. Legend has it. That Valentinious even cured the jailer's daughter of blindness. Legend goes on to say that they both became close. Some suggested Valentinious even fell in love with the jailers daughter.

Shortly before his execution Valentinious wrote an affectionate farewell letter to the jailer's daughter. He signed it From Your Valentine.

Granted that a lot of the above story might be rooted in church Legend. But often legends have a basis of reality in actual fact. But I believe some things are to be gleamed for us in this day.

We see that Christian marriages are under attack today by Caesar, the U.S. government. The Supreme Court has redefined marriage as between not only man and woman. But between man and man, woman and woman, and of course this is opening up a whole Pandora's box of plural marriages. Even marriage to children.

As I think of the history of Valentine's Day and this precious saint who perform marriages in secret against the Emperor's decree of no marriage. I wonder if pastors will have to perform marriages in secret between a Christian man and a Christian woman. I wonder if they will pay the price as Valentinious did.

Just something to ponder.

From the bear cave.


 2016/2/14 10:50

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