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 Re: Pride

Three days ago I found out (through experience) that there is a small, tight line that seperates true piety from plain pride...and that line has a name: grace.

Failing to realize that what we are and what we have become (so far) is all by the grace of to open wide the doors of our hearts to pride (and to some of his friends as well).

In Him,



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 Re: spiritual pride


Thanks for your honesty. Spiritual pride is so deceiving and until the Lord shows it to us through some experience (usually dealing with someone else), we are blind to it.

Every once in a while I catch myself even saying the "I am so glad I am not like...." (The pharisee talking about the tax collector). And right away I know that I need to renew my mind and check my heart.

Praise the Lord for His grace, and for His loving rebukes. Without Him we are nothing.

In Him, Chanin


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 Re: coming back around

I was commenting about something in the End of the Spear thread and thought of this article from awhile back- soooo I thought I'd bring it back around :-)

This is one of those articles that I could never get tired of using as a measuring stick for myself.

In Him, Chanin


 2006/1/23 21:31Profile


Hey, this is neat Chanin, I'm glad you resurrected it again, though I had it copied, it put some puzzle pieces together for me.

Whenever we pray for the Lord to "grind us" or "prune" or whatever ya wanna call it .... He doesn't always answer in the way you'd think.
ha or hoy ?

I asked for "things that help me yell Help Lord" (pg 1), well, I sure got it ... so much so, I had to go off line to figure what I "got".
(I explained what I "got" on another thread).

Love to you dear sister and glad to see where we began, again.
Think of you anyhow, everytime I hear Nancy Lee DeMoss.
He's the God of new beginnings ... daily, His mercies are new every morning. Thank God !!!

Lord Bless.

 2006/1/23 22:20

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That was beautiful. It made me want to cry
and rejoice.



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This topic on spiritual pride is so needed. It's one of the hardest ones to detect in our lives, because a lot of it comes down to motive. I was really blessed by a series Zac Poonen did called '50 characteristics of Pharisees'. I really saw a lot of horrendous pride in my heart and spent a good bit of time searching my heart along with the Scriptures. Poonen made a comment: 'The spirit of the Pharisee is against the Holy Spirit.' It has really been my endeavor to open my heart up to God to search me and try me and not allow this spirit to have a large part in my life.

50 characteristics of Pharisees:

1. A Pharisee is a person who glories in his connection to godly men (Mt 3:9)

2. A Pharisee is one who glories in external righteousness (Mt 5:20)

3. A Pharisee does not mix with sinful people; he only mixes with his holy crowd of people, and he thinks he's holy because of that (Mt 9:11)

4. The Pharisees are ascetics (Mt 9:14)

5. The Pharisees are people who are very critical of other people in small matters (Mt 12:2, 15:1)

6. Pharisees live by rules

7. Pharisees are motivated by jealousy, hatred, which even leads to murder (Mt 12:14)

8. Pharisees are those who are suspicious and assume the worst about other people (Mt 12:24)

9. Pharisees are very careless in their speech. They carelessly say rude, hurting things and even pass judgments in their speech (Mt 12:24)

10. A Pharisee is one who neglects family responsibilities in the name of religion (Mt 15:1-9)

11. A Pharisee is one who is easily offended (Mt 15:12-14)

12. Pharisees are spiritually blind (Mt 15:14; Jn 9:39-41)

13. A Pharisee is a hypocrite (Mt 16:6-12)

14. Pharisees are those who seek to catch other people in their words (Mt 19:3)

15. Pharisees are hard-hearted (Mt 15:8)

16. Pharisees are people who cannot appreciate true worship and praise (Mt 21:15)

17. A Pharisee has knowledge without obedience (Mt 23:3)

18. They preach things without practicing it first (Mt 23:3-4)

19. Pharisees bind heavy burdens on others (Mt 23:4)

20. Pharisees seek honor from men (Mt 23:5; Jn 5:41-44)

21. The Pharisees think holiness is in one's dress (Mt 23:5)

22. He loves position in the church and titles of honor (Mt 23:6-7)

23. They corrupt others (Mt 23:13-15)

24. They take advantage of poor people (Mt 23:14)

25. Pharisees are people who pray long prayers in public (Mt 23:14)

26. Their converts are double children of hell because they don't preach repentence (Mt 23:15)

27. They interpret Scripture without revelation from God (Mt 23:16-22)

28. They are sticklers for the letter of the law (they major on minor issues) (Mt 23:23)

29. The Pharisee has no justice, no mercy, no faithfulness (Mt 23:23)

30. A Pharisee strains out mosquitos and swallows camels

31. A Pharisee is one who concentrates on cleansing his outward life and emphasizes externals primarily (Mt 23:25-26)

32. A Pharisee says concerning evil that other people do, "I would never have done that." (Mt 23:30)

33. Pharisees persecute God's prophets

34. A Pharisee fears the opinions of people, particularly people in his own group (Mt 21:26)

35. A Pharisee loves money (Lk 16:14)

36. A Pharisee thanks God that he is better than others (Lk 18:9)

37. A Pharisee is one who trusts in his own self-produced righteousness (Lk 18:9)

38. A Pharisee looks down on other people (Lk 18:9)

39. He exalts himself above others and is spiritually proud (Lk 18:9)

40. A Pharisee boasts about his achievements (Lk 18:12)

41. A Pharisee is one who accuses other people (Jn 8:1-11)

42. A Pharisee is one who imagines that God is his father where actually Satan is his father (Jn 8:41, 44)

43. A Pharisee is a liar and a murderer (Jn 8:44)

44. A Pharisee persecutes those who don't listen to them (Jn 9:34)

45. A Pharisee is jealous of those who can do miracles which he himself cannot do (Jn 11:47)

46. A Pharisee judges godly people by the person not following some ritual that he thinks that he should follow (Jn 9:16)

47. A Pharisee tests God by asking Him for signs (Mt 12:38-42, Mt 16:1)

48. A Pharisee has no concern for lost sinners (Jn 7:49)

49. A Pharisee values traditions more than God's Word (Mk 7:1-13)

50. A Pharisee is one who justifies himself (he can't take the blame) (Lk 16:15)

Ken Marino

 2006/1/24 10:02Profile


Josiah, That was great of you to post this and worth copying.

Yes, you are very right ... "spiritual pride" is the last seen in ourselves and only the Lord can "thorn" it out ... but even then ...

Thank you from me.

 2006/1/24 15:43

 Re: Hey ...

It just hit me, to add to that "thorn" stuff ...

Was just talking to Diane on that Love thread and I just realised that there is No Mention that Paul was ever "relieved" of his 'thorn' and we've all read "why" God blessed him with it.

Hmmmm !

 2006/1/24 17:18

 Re: 41 Evidences of Pride


How can these be 'prideful' please describe. Maybe I'm deaf.(which I wouldn't doubt, because I've been soooooooo stupid on things resently)

14. Do you have a hard time confessing your sin to God or others? (not just in generalities, but in specifics)

15. Do you have a hard time sharing your real spiritual needs/struggles with others?

16. Do you have a hard time praying aloud with others?

17. Are you exessively shy?

18. Do you have a hard time reaching out and being friendly to people you don't know at church?

 2006/1/25 0:48

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 Re: 41 Evidences of Pride


Mike Balog

 2006/3/8 10:19Profile

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