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 The Suppressed Evidence (Proofs of the miraculous)- Thomas Boys

The suppressed evidence : or, Proofs of the miraculous faith and experience of the church of Christ in all ages, from authentic records of the fathers, Waldenses, Hussites, reformers, United brethren, &c
by Boys, Thomas, 1792-1880

Thomas Boys' detailed work arguing for the presence of miracles and other supernatural events, tracing their occurrences from the early church fathers through the Reformation, and up to his present day in 1832. He includes notable historical figures including St. Augustine, St. Chrysostom,St. Isidore, Huss, Waldenses, Fox, Luther, Zwingli, Calvin, Bucer, Bullinger, Martyr, Cartwright, Beza, Pellican, Knox, Zinzendorf, among others as he argues against the cessationalist claims of Baptist Wriothesley Noel.

Included as Appendices are Boys' The Christian Dispensation Miraculous, in which the author sought to extract the question of the miraculous from the current situation and examine it in a solely Scriptural light; something the vast literature of the time had not bothered to do; and Noel's Remarks on the Revival of Miraculous Powers in the Church, a fine example of Noel's cessationist apologetic, published in response to Boys' The Christian Dispensation Miraculous.

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