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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : IRS proposes churches, other nonprofits get Social Security numbers from donors

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RE: ///They are making it harder to request exemption from vaccines, too.///

Julius you might find this of intrest, CIA organised fake vaccination drive to get Osama bin Laden's family DNA

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by proudpapa

When we had to take one of my children to the emergencey room, they asked a number of questions including asking our religion and if we had any guns in the house.

That started when Obama first hit office because when I took my youngest son to the doctor back in 2008 and I was in the room with him when the asked. The nurse apologized but said these were new questions they had to ask. And it was asked, "Are there any guns in the home?" Period. It was my son's checkup.


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Deleted. Off topic.

 2015/12/8 11:45

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In my job I have had to review medical records for years.

There has always been a field on the emergency room intake form for religion. I agree that at least traditionally it was for the purpose of contacting appropriate clergy as necessary.

That may not be the case now, but regardless that question has always been asked.

They also ask of the patient feels safe in their home, etc.


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