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 PAIN and the Christain Response

In light of the recent Cal. attack many in the US start pointing fingers at God so I wanted to post a few books that deal with suffering , some of this list I have and have read some I have not, I received it from Assist News Service and felt it would be a useful post and if anyone wants to add resource links or audio links that deal with pain and could be a useful resource.

If God, Why Evil, Norman Geisler

* The Problem of Pain, C.S Lewis

* Let us Reason, A.E Wilder-Smith

* Why Suffering, Ravi Zacharias

* The End of Christianity, William Dembski

* Hard Questions, Real Answers, William Lane Craig

* War and Peace, Vernard Eller

* Evil and the Justice of God, N.T Wright

This I believe will become an important resource and aid in the defense of the Gospel and like the Psalmist would say,, a wellspring of life. God Bless Bro.DMiller


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 Re: PAIN and the Christain Response

"Letters to a Skeptic" by Greg Boyd. The skeptic was his father.


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