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The main point i was trying to make is that only Scripture is infallible and should therefore be treated above our own views, commentries, traditions etc. We should also try to use scripture to interpret scripture. Might study a bit more about the "clouds"

Quote ; " I believe the "Day of the Lord" will be a Global. " Absolutely !
It will not be an event that has to be covered by a News Network.
When the Lord returns, which ever way he does, it will be global event, every eye shall see him.
How is it possible? It will be a totally supernatural event and with God nothing is impossible.

The main point here is to remember He will return in such a manner that can't be copied by false Christs or an Antichrist.
(Jesus warned us about false Christs. )

Let's continue to work diligently and keep praying

 2015/11/30 19:02

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