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 Thanksgiving Greetings

I have always enjoyed the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays; people seem just a little bit kinder and happier during this time. I hate the gross commercialization that surrounds Christmas but I do have many wonderful memories of this season while I was growing up and it continues to be a time that I relish with my family. Understanding that some people I know are separated from family causes me to be even more grateful for the blessings I have. I look to the Lord Jesus Christ and I thank God for His goodness and faithfulness.

The idea of a Thanksgiving holiday is very attractive to the Christian but I wonder what atheists do in this day? To quote Ron Bailey, "The saddest sight on earth must be a thankful atheist. What does he do when he looks at the majesty of a sunrise or sunset and the granduer of the Milky Way? What does he do when he sees the perfect tiny little hand of a newborn babe, what does he do with that emotion?"

The Bible links unthankfulness with idolatry, in Romans 1:21 it seems clear that those who are unthankful towards God and refuse to recognize Him as the giver of all good things, become futile in their thoughts and dark in their hearts.

It is almost impossible to keep a thankful man down and equally impossible to keep an ungrateful man up. Perhaps this is one of the keys to recovery in our nation. How do we get back on the right path? By giving God His rightful place in our hearts and lifting our voices to Him with praise and thanksgiving.

We pray for God's blessing upon each of you and your families, in Christ's name.

Ron Halverson

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 Re: Thanksgiving Greetings



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