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IRONMAN ,God has us right where he wants us if he is not in control,GOD HELP US,.....
He is the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE ....and i believe your comments on the repentance are what GOD wanted you to write,but not for the reasons you think [feelings]...God loves us questioning his life because if we didnt we would have nothing to talk about,im sorry if you think im out of line questioning you ,isnt this what its all about!We are all in the same boat and i do not believe GOD can be angry!he is a gentle and loving God and if he wasnt he would not of given us his only Son JESUS... i believe we all have a different path and life with God so im not denighing that what you wrote was not from God,i believe he is taking you on a fantastic ride which will lead to a more full and wonderful life with him,i will pray he will open your eyes to the truth[This is not a put down]...The book of JOB is wonderful to read the Lord puts this poor man through everything[because he told satan he could,but not kill him]and this man still Loves the Lord and worships him,[even thought he sometimes dougted and questioned the Lord{in his feelings}]he still thanked God for everything that he put him through,then God gave him everything back and more,this is a wonderful example of how God loves us.... :-D
with Gods strength and Love x

 2005/5/23 7:07

 Re: thank you spirfire

i totally agree with you,i have also been in alot of relationships that were unbalanced,i believe that God has put me in this place for a reason and he does not mind if we are married or not,i know this sounds out of line and im going to shock you more,he is still married to another but is getting a divorce,The Lord is working fast in these last days and if we had to get married to save someone esle God would have to put more hours in hee hee {im not mocking God because i know he can destroy me with myself}the Love that i am giving Nick is from God not myself,i am mearly a human being and cannot give love from myself.
Thank you for your prayers they are needed...
I know this looks strange but God has assured me ,this is his will,i listen to the Lord and know his voice and he does many things in us that dont look good to another on the outside,but on the inside,things are getting fixed ,he wants us to know him as ours lives not us living them .... dont worry im not going to stamp my feet and get all upset over this because i know its Gods way for the moment and if he wants Nick out of my life he will do this,My life is in the Lords hands and im not going to turn into darf vader GOD wont let that happen ,i put all my trust into God and if this relationship is not meant to be i wont stop it ,because i cant.... anyway sister spirfire thank you for concerns they are noted,all im saying is that at this present time the Lord eccepts this relationship for his purpose and i cant argue with God so im his vessel to work through ..... i will keep you posted on how Gods getting on
love marina xxx

 2005/5/23 7:35


I have to agree with Spirfire. Living with someone who is not your husband or wife cannot be justified by carnal reasoning. It is sin and sinful. God cannot bless it. There must be a seperation and repentence before God can allow you to move forward.
This does not mean that God loves you. He does. That is why there is not much more than one difficulty after another, heartbreak and disappointment ahead of you, if you live in and condone immorality. Adultery or fornication cannot be justified. To say it can indicates that you are being decieved, and we all know who the deciever is.
Sister Marina, you were challanged to show supporting scripture. If you cannot justify your position with scripture, then I ask you to lovingly and prayerfully seperate from this man and repent. Nick will learn more about God in your obedience, than he will in your sinfulness. That is as truthful and loving as I know how to be in this situation. Yes, the bible says come now let's reason this thing together. But reason that has not the Rock of God's Word as it's foundation is full of holes and will hold no water. I dont' think you will find anyone here that agrees with your position or says that it is biblical. Run the Master beloved. Pray for eyes that see beyond feelings and see with truth and real love. Real love of God does not continue in sin, when sin is exposed in our hearts. I pray that the Holy Spirit will move upon you and strengthen you to do what you know is His will in this matter.

 2005/5/23 8:28

 Re: form of christ

dear Lahry,i am not Marina i am a form of Christ ,i have been crucified with christ ,it is not i that live but Christ,so if i am living in sin,Christ is too.... Galations 2:20 i do not love from myself ,i love from Christ ,The Lord has no sin and we who have been saved have no sin either ,feelings are sin and feelings are not real,this must sound a little odd,well i would rather sound odd then deny who i am! I am a form of Christ,Galations2:20xxxxxxxx
those who have accepted the Lord into thier lives are all forms of Christ but do not know this yet!....
i will pray for us all,i have no anger or upset that you guys feel this way and i fully understand how this may seem to you all ,
everyday i am affirming who i am ,i am not the Marina i use to be ,i am the living Christ,I AM a new creature of life!AMEN TO US ALL xxx

 2005/5/23 9:14

 Re: Marina dear....

To be like Christ is to be obedient. It is impossible to be like Him and not obey Him. He said living with someone who is not your spouse is sin. He did not say it was unforgiveable. But He calls it sin. To know to do good and not do it is sin. How much more sinful is fornication and adultery? You simply cannot have it both ways, beloved. We all make mistakes and fall short. I do on a frequent basis. But I do not live in continual moral failure as you are doing. Yes God loves both you and Nick. But He does not love your sin. Until you put your faith in action, and seperate from this sin you are living in, God cannot and will not abound in your life. Your testimony betrays you beloved. Furthermore, if you love God and understand His Word, you would counsel anyone this same way. Jesus says, "come away my beloved". Give up trying to be a Nick pleaser and be a Jesus pleaser. Those who love the Lord, keep His commandments. You are not keeping His commandments and willingly admit that this is so. Yet you say you are walking with God. This simply cannot be true, or the bible is a myth and we are all fools.

 2005/5/23 9:36

 Re: not like christ

i did not say i was like Christ i said I AM Christ,there is a difference,christ lives his life in me and all that i do in this human body on earth is Christ working though me ,i know this sounds like im getting away with murder and the bible is not a myth [thank you Lord]but his commandments were meant to be broken in order for you and others to know our true selves[JESUS] you alone can not keep the law only GOD can,so if your saying to me that you keep the law ,look at who is really keeping the law,is it you or Christ?please read Romans 6,7,8 this may shed light on sin and who has it?....
Jesus died for our sins on the cross [ALL] so why did he do that,if it was for nothing?....Lahry the Lord works wonders in you and i thank the Lord for your words,when i read your stuff i think wow and then you start saying oh but what if im wrong and then you have this little battle with yourself after the wonderful God things you say ,its as if you are beating yourself up over what you have just written,Larhy God wants you to be a vessel,not now and again but always,that means not beating yourself up over what GOD has asked you to write.... God has brought me to you for a reason,And i will say again i have NO sin for I AM the LORD JESUS CHRIST and i died for those sins so if living with a married,alcoholic non christian man is a sin ,then what did Jesus die for all those years ago If sin is dead!......
Jesus was called a blastphemer and they were wrong about him,how do you know im wrong?.....
The bible is not a myth and we are not all fools but alot of us look at ourselves before others,we have to start living for others and im not a Nick pleaser im an intercessor for him and thats Gods work so how can it be sin....God has already bound my life with his and there is no escape for me AMEN XXXX
If i have upset anyone on this site,i cannot be sorry because these are the lords words,so i pray that the lord will open your hearts and spirits and show you that you are all forms of Christ and thats the real deal!AMEN xxxxx

 2005/5/23 11:24

 Spitfire Dian

sound advice you give with the Scripture and the Spirit as your foundation.

I pray that God makes it right, in all things, in Jesus' Name.

amen and amen.


 2005/5/23 12:52

 Re: Marina

i know this sounds out of line and im going to shock you more,he is still married to another but is getting a divorce,The Lord is working fast in these last days and if we had to get married to save someone esle God would have to put more hours in hee hee

dear heart, are you being for real, or are you having a rib, playing a joke on the saints? If you are playing games with these (us) only you and God will know.

if your not playing games and being for real, you know, that you are totally backslidden, and out of the Will of the Lord.

I'm not some pharisee standing around with a brick in my hand, but I do as my Lord did, (and DOES!) and I will tell you, emphatically, clearly, directly, gently and loving, 'go and stop sinning'.

I love you, wake up and fly right in Jesus' Name.


 2005/5/23 12:59

 Re: Neilgin

,i am for real read Galations2:20,where does it say in the bible the word backslidden?how do you know the will of God for me? [thess5:18]read ......Do you give thanks for everything?

 2005/5/23 13:09


I love you, now go and sin no more.

 2005/5/23 13:23

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