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 He That Hath No Sword, Let Him Sell His Garment, and Buy One LUKE 22: 36

» THE Master who advises you here to buy a sword is still the same who said: "Love your enemies. Whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek turn to him the other also." He is likewise the same who forbade the use of the sword for defense. So then of what sword is he speaking?

He means, I think, that there are times when a comfortable and soft religion, in which one is as warm as inside a cloak, is no longer sufficient for the one who wants to be his disciple.

Until then everything had been easy. One had only to follow Jesus along flowery roads, and listen to his parables. But now everything was about to change. The hour of peace had ended. The opposition was defining itself. The Master was to be put to death and his disciples left alone, obliged to fight day by day for the life of their souls or see them perish. Were they armed for this battle? Or had they nothing with which to defend themselves but the tepidness of tradition, the timid equipment of old habits? If such were the case, defeat was certain.

The weapon that they needed was the sword of the Spirit. Did they have this two-edged sword of which the Scripture speaks, this power of faith which cuts the adversary in pieces, this heart which has no fear of trial and suffering? On the eve of great engagements is your soul bundled up, more than half benumbed, in the cloak of tradition, or do you feel it to be, like that of Jesus, finely tempered as a sword that God would hold in his hand? The times are hard; go sell your garment and buy a sword.

Philippe Vernier


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