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 Re: :) group hug

Hi guys, thank you for the kind welcomes :) Hopefully I can still feel the love a month from now :)...... bro Frank

 2015/11/7 8:03



Pro_17:17 A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.

 2015/11/7 8:08

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Welcome again frank I noticed Neil and baremaster are also back ,,,,,,it would be good for Andrew Kelly to come back ,,,boy he was one gentle saint ,I talked to him for about four hours on Skype one night ,meek as they come ,,but harsh with letters as Paul was ,,definitely it is time for the bond of peace and love between the saints ..

They were all in one accord and in one place .,then suddenly there was a sound of a mighty it filled all the place in which they were sitting ,and there came upon them toungs as if of fire and it sat upon each one of them ,and there were all filled with the Holy Spirit.

Something like that !

 2015/11/7 10:10Profile

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West Sussex, England


I think you will be surprised Frank, how much people's responses have calmed down since you were here. I for one have noticed it's changed and people seem more humble in their endeavours to put their point of view across.

David Keel

 2015/11/7 12:55Profile


I looked forward to being pleasantly surprised David..........bro Frank

 2015/11/7 17:22

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Whittier CA USA


Welcome back brother! I regret and apologize for my part in that unnecessary contention.


 2015/11/7 18:40Profile


Welcome back Frank

If we disagreed about something I am sure it was your fault. (just kidding)

 2015/11/7 21:01


I am sure it was Rev :).............bro Frank

 2015/11/7 21:28


Thank you Oracio. I regret being involved in any unnecessary contention and apologize to all involved for any lack of grace on my part.............bro Frank

 2015/11/7 21:34

 Re: Walking through the valleys of life.

indeed and amen, my dear brother Frank. Praise God I see your moniker, I got your msg, after me and my dear bro Freddie spent Sat, trucking corn to the elevator all day long. i'd have called, but I was spent, and now its zero dark hundred, and I know you wouldn't appreciate a call NOW. Indeed, wonderful to see you back on this medium.

Praise God, I love you brother, neil

 2015/11/8 6:04

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