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 God Inhabits the Praises of His People

"’s a good thing to discover this wonderful “receiving set” which is your heart, which was created by God for that very purpose: that Jesus Christ might use those lips of yours to praise the Father... when you praise God, and Jesus Christ gets hold of you, there’s contact with heaven. “God inhabits the praises” of who? Of you!

…when I was unsaved, or didn’t know the Lord, I was full of darkness. These dark, depressive thoughts, and criticizing, and fault-finding, and hating, and unforgiving—all these things lodged within me, and yet I looked very decent and very religious. But inside was darkness. But I tell you, since Jesus came in—and He came in when I praised Him, when I raised my hands and opened my mouth, and began praising the Lord—and since that time, my whole body has been full of light—the light of His presence...

And if you go God’s way, you’ll first of all begin to give Him the glory. “Let the redeemed of the Lord say so.” And when you begin to praise God, forgetting yourself, forgetting your past—“forget the things that are behind,” seek Jesus Christ, hallelujah—and praise Him, I tell you, the enemy is defeated. What marvelous victories God gives today to people when they praise the Lord....When I lift my heart in thanksgiving to God, Jesus Christ sends—He broadcasts from heaven—glory and grace."

- Hans R. Waldvogel

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