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 The cries of child

Yesterday as I walked through the store I felt so over come with sadness for a little boy. This little boy could not have been more then a year old, and he was very upset. He was crying and in distress but it wasn't your usual toddler kind of tantrum crying, he was afraid. I wonder what it was that could be causing this little fellow to be so unhappy when the LORD showed me things around him from his very tender view point. To begin with the music in the store what extremely loud, it was vile, heavy rock music being played with screaming lyrics that sounded straight out of someones nightmare. I suspect this music was being played because it was Halloween. I had been doing my best to block it out but for someone so young it must have been very upsetting. He kept looking around him as people dressed in costumes walked past. Even his own mother was dressed up. There were people dressed as monsters, vampires, witches, and even zombies. I realized this must have been the cause of his fear, how confusing it must have been for one so young in age. Several times he looked up towards his mother who was busy shopping and ignoring his cries. What should have given him comfort seemed to only confuse him more as her appearance was so different I think. When his cries grew worse and she finally did stop what she was doing to attend him he looked at her in such a way, I could not really explain it. It was as if she were a stranger to him. Finally she went to pay for her things and I found myself in line behind them. She tried to quiet him but it did no good. At one point he looked over at me and for a moment our eyes met. He had such beautiful blue eyes, filled with huge tears and my heart just went out to this little fellow. I smiled and for a brief moment he stopped crying then a young woman dressed as a dark angel or demon walked by and he began to cry again. His mother finished shopping and the two of them left. I felt so sad for this little fellow. To him Halloween must have been a nightmare. As I stood there looking around me as people came and went, some dressed up in various costumes, I wondered how many other little ones might be effected as that little boy was. I wonder how many young children who are daily exposed to all manner of wickedness and sin are effected in this world. I thought about JESUS and how HE told them to let the little children come to HIM and I think it must have grieved HIM very much to hear the cries of that little boy yesterday.The world can be such a dark scary place for ones so young...

Perhaps its best to take time and think about how our attitudes and actions effect the very youngest people around us?

God bless

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