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 A word about a ministry I just discovered

I graduated from high school in 1985 with an exceptional guy who --- if I remember correctly! -- scored perfectly on the math portion of the ACT. He was the valedictorian of our class and he also went on to a career as a nuclear engineer. We weren't close friends but I had several classes with him and we had friends in common. He moved to New Mexico at some point quite a few years ago.

Over the last 15 years or so I have had an opportunity to get to know a relative of his. This relative told me today that my old classmate had started a ministry and had released a book. I was wholly unaware of his Christian faith.

I was a little smitten with what I learned and wanted to contact my classmate to convey my best wishes and prayers for his ministry. I visited the small website that my friend had referred me to and I emailed my old classmate. I also found this link to his book, released in September, 2015.

It is quite an interesting undertaking, and I thought it might be of particular interest and maybe even some help to anyone here. Here's a link to the book, which is about financing low-cost very small ministries. It is entitled Maximum World Impact.


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 Re: A word about a ministry I just discovered

That's great what he doing ,a good idea ,concept

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