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 Would a human clone have a soul?

Recently I heard a story on NPR about a company in S Korea (I think) that will clone people's pets. They went through the process of how it is done, the use of dog surrogates to bear the puppies etc. when done, the pet owner will have an exact copy of their beloved deceased pet, down to personality etc. A dog owner who used the service said the cloned dog WAS the dog that had died.

Of course this obviously means that this could be done with humans, and likely already has been. The way things are going I am sure that regular human cloning is just on the horizon.

Will human clones have a soul? Clones are not created from a combination of male/female DNA but rather by killing the nucleus of a host cell and inserting the DNA from a single individual. The cell is caused to start dividing by an electrical shock(if I remember the story correctly).

So I am wondering if a clone would have a soul. When does a human receive a "soul" in normal conception?


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