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 Thoughts on our home group

I'm going to take a minute to lay this out for your prayer and feedback.

I've been open here about our home fellowship since before we started just more than a year ago. We love it. Our participation is down because one couple moved to another state and another couple decided it wasn't for them anymore and that they may do their own group from their home --- which we love if they go forward in that and they are precious friends.

Inwardly, there is an abiding and overriding thought in me that a voice of prophetic pleading needs to be raised in our little community. We have made that a matter of prayer in our group because we all share that belief on a little wider scale.

Personally, I have sat down twice and prayerfully and carefully poured out my heart onto the computer, emptying myself of what I perceive God is saying to our town. Each of these occasions -- several weeks apart -- there was an almost identical content in this pouring out of my heart.

Please pray with us and for us to discern the Lord's heart and instruction to us in this regard. It is not the time to share these things publicly although -- as I believe I received it from God -- it certainly is a public address of sorts and it could be shared in a moment's notice.

I realize that this may be questioning God in an inappropriate way (Lord, please help!) but I do not want to be presumptuous and DO want to depend on the Lord's voice to our fellowship.

I am in torment day and night about the lost and the deceived in our community. Sometimes, when weary of it, I almost feel like I wish it would just stop --- but I do NOT want it to stop. I long for the Lord to deal with me about the spiritual needs of others, and I love Him for sharing that much of Himself with me.


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 Re: Thoughts on our home group

Below is a story I use for me personally when I need reminded of how hard the road seems to me sometimes. Basically this man of God buried his child and wife than bent his knees to the will of God and did what no other missionary had ever done, he went through Tibet with the gospel. Under circumstances I can not even begin to imagine, amazing! My prayer for you brother is that the Lord will lead you forward in peace and give you that word in season for....... God Bless Bro. DMiller
In 1924, after 16 years of missionary labor in Northwest China, Victor baptized his first convert. Slowly a small congregation of believers began to grow. During the next two years Victor sensed God leading him to take the gospel to Tibet’s remotest communities.

Because of political instability at that time, he planned to send Grace and John back to the States while he trekked south through Tibet and crossed the Himalayan Mountains into India. But before his plan unfolded, tragedy struck.

Smallpox was a major health threat in the 1920s. When an epidemic swept through the region, first little John fell ill and then Grace. John died Jan. 20, 1927; Grace died a week later.
Since the Plymires were foreigners, local superstitions prevented John and Grace from being buried in the public cemetery. Victor bought a small piece of land on a hillside outside the city, built two wooden coffins and buried his wife and son in the frozen earth. He didn’t title the land in his name, so he had the deed made in the name of the church. With those he loved most now gone, Victor found himself alone — again.

Pressing ahead with his plans for a missionary journey, he left only four months later. With the church in Huangyuan in the care of a mature Chinese believer, Victor set out for Lhasa, Tibet. By the time he returned, his 11-month journey would cover more than 2,000 miles, almost entirely traveled by horseback.


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 Re: Thoughts on our home group

dolfan wrote:
Inwardly, there is an abiding and overriding thought in me that a voice of prophetic pleading needs to be raised in our little community.


When the Lord starts moving in your midst, it will travel by speed of light and people will start showing up. Let the Lord bring the people HE wants there.

Where can you step out in faith in? In what you are doing, what you are doing that is not like any other local church you've been to in town?

Because any other local church won't let the Holy Spirit in all the way. They have time constraints. They have people constraints. Because if the people don't get out in time, they'll find another church that will let them leave when they want to!!

Most shepherds are afraid of the sheep because they have bills to pay. Dolfan, I don't think you have any bills to pay (meeting in your garage), so what are your constraints? What is holding you back from allowing the Holy Spirit to minister to those in attendance each time you meet?

If you figure that out, you'll be well on your way!

God bless you brother!!


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