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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11

 Communing With God

"Just think of it, my friends! Is it not the marvel of marvels and the wonders of wonders that we humans can come into the Eternal Presence and commune with God even as a child communes with its earthly father? We can carry on a spiritual conversation which will lift us above every doubt and fear and place us in the realms that are so far above the world that the difficulties and troubles which beset worldly people lose their power over heart and mind and life. This is not an idle dream. It is the clear, lucid statement of the inspired Word; and it is inside the boundaries of experience for thousands of people on the face of the earth today...

Now, today, you who are a child of God can go directly to the Father's Throne. You need no other mediator than Jesus Who died your death on Calvary's rugged tree! You need no other Door through which to walk and stand as a son before your Heavenly Father!

If you lack wisdom, you can ask of God and He will impart that wisdom to you who have ears to hear, but when the noise, the din and the hubbub of a war-torn world is sounding in our ears and we hear nothing but human philosophies with no time to listen to other than platitudes of human wisdom, how can we catch the whisper of the Voice Divine?...

The Christ of Calvary not only atoned for your sin, my friend, but He is the Door through which you may enter the most beautiful Garden your spiritual eyes have ever beheld a place of communion with the Father! There God talks with you and you talk with God!...

As for me, the thought of losing this privilege of communing with God is anathema to my soul! It is far more than formal prayer. It is more than the establishment of a ritualistic family altar. This is more than devoting a certain hour in the day to the duty of "waiting upon the Lord." It is a stream which flows from the throne divine. This is a walk of fellowship; travelling along spiritually adventurous highways into realms of glory and of grace that we could reach in no other way. This walk of fellowship with God answers the questions of life and solves its problems to the perfect satisfaction of every troubled heart. It is this way and no other way!

There can be no other way, for this is God's way! Regardless of the difficulties, the cares and the sorrows, no matter how complex the problems and how difficult the questions, the Spirit will reveal the Way; and the wisdom of God will be given, as the Lord reveals Himself unto you."

- Charles S. Price

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