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 General Observation

What I see in the SI community as a whole is individual christians (I have to use this losely interpeted because of the diverse back grounds) who have come to the end of being pew sitters and are crying out for God to use them in life. Thier skills are honed here. Placed in the midst of us radicals is some very wonderful resources and some very gifted men and women willing to share the many years of not only thier experiences but thier knowledge into the things of God. Throw it all into the mix and it becomes a living organism. Since the time I started reading posts here , for the most part, I pray daily for this site, thoughs who I see as being teachers, thoughs in need, my wife and I have taken some as a ministry of prayer lifting them up in our devotional times. I also see pastors here who work hard to guard the flock ,as it were, a charaistic that'll follow them into thier daily lives. I believe when Jesus observers all this He says well done. :-D


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