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 hi guys

hi to all .... this is so cool gods showed me the internet and its great to be able to talk to others ... anyway im from sunny england and would like to hear from anyone who wants to talk god stuff x x x x ;-)

 2005/5/9 9:41

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Escondido, California

 Re: hi guys

Welcome to Sermon Index! How did you find this site? I was pretty hooked to this forum when I first registered on here a little more than a year ago. But there's lots of other good stuff on here as well that I [i]just[/i] discovered!

These Sermon Index resources are personally some of my favorites because they've really touched my heart and have encouraged me:

[url=]The Christian's Secret to a Happy Life[/url] [b]- Practical Results in the Daily Walk[/b] [i]by Hannah Whitall Smith[/i]

[url=]The Fight for Holiness[/url] [i]by Oswald Chambers[/i]

[url=]An Habitation of God[/url] [i]by David Wilkerson[/i]
[b]Description:[/b] For anyone who has ever questioned "Why are we here?" this is an important and revealing message about the motives and expectations the Lord has of people. The Lord has a very deep desire to have an intimate heart to heart sharing relationship with His children. If you have difficulty praying, or are in a battle of the mind, insecure about the Lord's love for you, you must hear this wonderfully encouraging message. God loves us, and desires fellowship with us.

[url=]Ten Shekels and a Shirt[/url] [i]by Paris Reidhead[/i]
[b]Description:[/b] What is humanism and how has it affected Christianity? What is the purpose of life? Is it the happiness of man? Why are you a Christian? Is it merely to escape hell and to go to heaven? Why should someone come to the cross and be saved? These questions and many more are answered in this sermon.

Yolanda Fields

 2005/5/9 12:30Profile

 Re:hello there

cheers for all the bits and cheery welcome , nice to hear from someone over the pond ,it is an interesting site,im looking forward to spending time on it....just logged on to find out if anyone was interested in being pals
anyway its getting late here so im off to beddy buys....hope to catch up with you and others soon xxx :-P

 2005/5/9 16:40

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Welcome to SermonIndex! Yolanda has suggested alot of great resources to get you started. I think the "ten Shekels and a Shirt" message is a great start. I hope you can spend alot of time checking out the audio and video sermons which you can freely browse here: Downloads.

God Bless.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2005/5/9 19:34Profile


thanks this is a great site,i know people in the states and they gave me the cristasus web site,its great to hear all what has been going on around the world,ive lead a sheltered life,not with GOD though only through the net HeHe my parents are coming to texas in september for the louisville meetings with Dan Stone and Linda Buntun ECT ... i would love to come but GOD has other things for me or maybe he hasnt HeHe again anyway i know that the LORD is my life and we are one and whatever he has for me and everybody else AMEN x x x :-D

 2005/5/10 7:10

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