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 Re: When A Moderator Fails and Makes Mistakes

Brother Greg
First I want to thank u for being the moderator. I believe u are doing a great job and I appreciate you being vulnerable.. Character is over gifting I have learned in the Lords Army..
I was led to be here and am still led. As a believer in the LORD Jesus I have learned to focus on JESUS.
I sense that there is a need for healing here and forgiveness for the offenses that have happened here.I pray this happens in JESUS name.
I pray for u Greg that u can continue to moderate as u are led..May the LORDS Holy Spirit breathe afresh upon u and the people involved here.
The Lord led u here and He knew You would be a good moderator. I pray that the spirit of forgiveness resides here and God gets the Glory and the enemy does not win here by dividing and conquering.. I pray for His Healing over everyone involved here. May each brother and sister be used by GOD and forgive and walk in Love..
this is why Im here.

Steve Hill Commendation'Sermon Index is a gift from God to the Body of Christ. I have lived my Christian life with an incredible hunger for more of the Lord. This deep desire is satisfied by seeking Jesus in prayer, personal Bible study, and by gleaning the deeper truths of God from those who preach His Word without compromise. I hunt down great teachings from those who have 'fought to the finish' and others who are still fighting with unquenchable commitment. When I saw the sermons of David Wilkerson and Leonard Ravenhill as part of the menu, the Lord immediately spoke to me of the treasure that was available. These men were my spiritual fathers for many years. Their delivery of the Word of God, both privately and publicly, was penetrating and life-changing. Log on and hear for yourself.'
- Steve Hill (Pastor/Evangelist, Steve Hill Ministries)
In Christ
Sister Frannie


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Bro Greg,

I do not know what is going on ?

But what I have observed is this :

After this confession : you went maybe a year or so that you would not ban anyone for anything, things got chaotic. It was as though there was no moderation whatsoever.

And now all of a sudden members are being dropped left and right for the smallest things ?

What is going on Brother ?

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 Re: Service

Dear Brother Greg, blessings as God uses you and others here to build and strengthen His body to the glory of our heavenly Father in Jesus’ precious name.

I don’t often feel led to say much here, however I have felt led to attend regularly for many years. God has been faithful to provide words of encouragement, exhortation, comfort, and so much more in his provision of anointed sermons and some real gems that the brethren share here as the Lord sees fit to bring forward. When I do read something and get a check in my spirit I trust the Lord for his discernment. I am no scholar in the word, but he is the word and I trust him to lead me in truth. He never waivers, and is always faithful.

I trust the Lord and I trust his guiding hand upon the service He’s called you to here. I am thankful for your labor in the Lord brother and for the brethren here he uses to shed his light abroad in the hearts and minds of the many who come seeking the Lord to the glory of God. May He bless and bless you and your family meeting all your needs and going before you preparing every step of the way in the service He’s called you to.

Love and Blessings in Jesus


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This world is not my home anymore.


by MrBillPro
Greg, we could probably have another thread called, "When A MEMBER Fails and Makes Mistakes". I know I've made dozens here.

Just replaying Bill's comment for all to see.

First off, I don't know why Tuc got banned and you may think this is sad but I don't care. :) If it had been me, I would have probably banned him long ago over his unceasingly LONG copied and pasted posts. But that is just me, are you glad I'm not a moderator? LOL

Secondly, this is Greg's forum and he can do what he sees fit. He is the only one, the only one here who puts in the TIME and the ENERGY in all the day to day running of all the code and the prayer. AND plus answering all of our whining emails to boot!

Let's move on, people or go build your own discussion forum and see what it takes to run it AND keep everyone happy.


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