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 SermonIndex Downloader Software Updated


The software has been updated to fix some basic issues users were having. We are continuing to work on it and if you have any suggestions comments please let us know. Some brothers and sisters have used this software to download all 250 gigs of sermons from the site.


Download file for Win:



Q. How Do you download multiple sermons automatically?
Answer. To download multiple sermons automatically we have created a SermonIndex Software application that you can download on your desktop computer. We encourage believers to download many or all of the 250GB mp3 archive with this tool to help share these sermons with others and provide multiple backups of them all around the world. Here are the installers for the Software: Windows, Linux, Mac. (The linux and mac version of the software requires technical knoweldge please view this article for help).

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: SermonIndex Downloader Software Updated

Thanks Greg!


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 A further request please

Dear Brother Greg

Would you ever consider adding a "up" button at the bottom of the Discussion Forum pages?

Currently I have to do a lot of scrolling back to navigate to the next page while reading through the threads ....

Or am I missing an obvious way of doing that?

Bless you brother.

J Kruger

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