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 Accusation towards God

Are there any sermons out that talk about people having anger or accusation towards God in their life? Thanks

Doug R

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 Re: Accusation towards God

Hi DougRenz

There is a sermon that comes to mind but i need to look around for the details of it again as it was a while ago. I personally, lost my temper at God around 20 years ago. I was in a church and i saw saints hurting all the Time, some from sickness and some from demonic attacks. after years of watching people pray over them and see no results, i really started getting frustrated.

One night i had brought a women to the church who wanted prayer for bad things happening to her and after seeing her leave the church in the same condition with out any hope, I went home walked out side and looked in the sky and shouted with all my might at God. for about 10 minutes .

Please understand i was very young in my understanding at the time and very passionate. (i wouldn't challenge God like this now)

any way by the end of the week my life radically was changed by a lot of events that just happened right before my eyes and i never challenged God again like that he not only seen my heart and gave me what i needed but gave me much more, my christian walk got busy very quickly.

karl rashleigh

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This may help but I'm not sure what the situation is :

David Keel

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Paris Reidhead talks about being upset with God in Ten Shekels and a Shirt.


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