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 Israel will suffer again, watch these videos

My friends,

I have just viewed two videos on youtube, the titles are below, watch these videos and see for yourself. I posted in another thread... "we need to prepare for Jewish suffering in the future so that we are found faithful by the Lord and we are found helpful to the Jewish people when that great hour of suffering befalls them."

Watch these videos and you'll know that it's true. I've never seen this kinda of thing in my lifetime.

We will need to be prayed up to help "when that great hour of suffering befalls them."


Crossing The Line (UK)

Crossing the Line 2: The New Face of Anti-Semitism on Campus

God bless,

PS: It's scary. And what's scarier is that the church is right where the enemy wants us, asleep! So when he tortures the Jewish people again, we will do nothing, again!


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 Re: Israel will suffer again, watch these videos

Art Katz taught that the holocaust pales in comparison to what awaits the jewish people, and that the way the Church deals with them in that time is what will move them to jealousy and ultimately their conversion.

We shall see.


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Thanks for sharing this Lisa, I agree this is unsettling but must come to pass.

On one hand seeing this makes me very indignant toward Israel's oppressors while on the other hand Israel's suffering is due to her rejection of the Messiah.

It is heart wrenching to see the suffering, persecution,and rejection Israel has had to endure, yet Israel is very prideful and arrogant in many ways.

One of my Pastors is part Jewish and comes from a strong Christian family and background. His brother is married to an Israeli woman and they live in Israel and have lived there for over 30 years. This couple is involved in Christian ministry and outreach and by Gods grace He is blessing the outreach to Jewish people.

On the other hand, those who reject it do so very strongly. When you look at Hollywood here in America most of it is run, owned, and directed by Jews.

The facts are already written concerning the apple of Gods eye and that is that 2/3 of the nation of Israel will be destroyed.

I so wish that were not so and that somehow they would come to repentance beforehand but it appears it will be the result of the coming carnage upon Israel that these events are what will cause her to turn to Messiah.

Some might be able to relate to this thought. Parents who have children who are in rebellion and doing things that the parents do not support in any way. However if someone attacks or mocks these rebellious children, the parents are their biggest defenders.

We love our children but may not like what they do or what they are involved in. We have hope that they may one day change, repent, turn, come to their senses. But if someone attacks our children we are like, "Don't mess with my kid!"

I love Israel, thank God for Israel, and pray for Israel. Deep down I believe all people of faith, Jew and Gentile ARE Israel. You attack Israel, you are attacking me and my brethren, you are attacking Messiah.

Israel = We will prevail with God!

David Fella

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