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  Pray for People Group: Bunt people

Bunt People
Sep 13, 2015 01:00 am
Today's Devotional

James 2:1, NLT "My dear brothers and sisters, how can you claim to have faith in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ if you favor some people over others?"

One of the main spiritual strongholds of India is the caste system. In fact, as I gathered information for this GPD issue, Indian believers told me that caste is a curse. Caste puts some groups ahead of others in status. Their very worth is tied up in caste. In today’s reading we are praying for the Bunt people, whose caste status has been very high and very low at different times of their history.

Pray that Bunt people will put their identity in Christ, not in their caste status.—KC

Today's People Group

Aishwarya Rai; her name was everywhere, her picture everywhere. She won the Miss World title in 1994 and inspired the Bunt community, of which she is a member. Some claim that in the midst of her glory, this Bunt woman was swallowed up by the caste system that wanted their celebrities to be of a higher caste rank. It is rumored that they conspired for her to marry a high-class Brahmin, erasing her Bunt identification.
The Bunt people long for someone among their people to inspire them. They know they still hold within them the greatness that they once held outwardly. Although long ago the Bunts were considered nobility, serving as warriors for the ruling chiefs, they are now considered to be part of the lower castes. Years ago, they earned great favor serving the chiefs and were made the landed gentry of the region.
Approximately 1.5 million Bunt people now live in Karnataka, mostly in urban centers. Although they are awarded scholarships from the government’s affirmative action campaign, most must work from a young age and cannot attend school. They follow Hinduism, and a very small community follows Jainism. There is no information about followers of Christ living among them.

Ask the Lord of Harvests to reveal Himself to the Bunt community in dreams and visions and through His followers. Pray that the Bunt people will regain their noble status by becoming part of God’s royal priesthood.

 2015/9/13 9:33

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