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  Total Surrender To Christ

What does this mean to you? Some say it means having a complete peace in all things, because we have totally surrendered our life to Christ, the flesh is out and Christ is now totally leading us. Can there really be a total surrender in the flesh, where we don't try and lead at all, where Christ leads us in all things? I can imagine a life of total surrender, but I don't know if I could ever reach that point in my walk.

The song "I surrender all" comes to mind, can we really surrender all? Could you imagine the peace a person would have if they gave everything to God? My guess is it would be about as close to Heaven on earth as a person could get. I know I'm headed towards total surrender everyday, I feel it in my spirit, I have been through a lot in the past few years, where God has really humbled me. I feel as though the more he uses my adversities to humble me, the closer I get to a total surrender.

Sometimes I wonder if God has keep me in my adversities, to show me how strong I really am.

Mr. Bill

Mr. Bill

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 Re: Total Surrender To Christ

As long as we live in these preglorified bodies, we will always have a "flesh" that does not want to submit or surrender to God or the Spirit. Surrender, dying to self/flesh is never a one-time once-and-for-all act. We must learn to have humble hearts and ever let God's light shine to expose anything that in unChrist like and leave it at the Cross. It is learning to let go of attachments that are hurtful or just unhelpful. Brokenness is not getting under a bunch of condemnation and wallowing in self-loathing and self-hatred and thinking that God can barely stand being around us. No, that attitude comes from the devil. Brokenness is a type of humility that recognizes the helplessness of self and neediness for the life and love of God in our hearts and spirits. A need to abide in Christ in a moment-by-moment basis and having a teachable spirit. God only fills hungry hearts that believe He is able and willing to fill them.

I have recently picked up and started re-reading Roy Hession's book, The Calvary Road. It is a good manual for the way of allowing God to bring revival into our hearts and lives. Here is an excerpt:

And as we look honestly at our Christian lives, we can see how much of this self there is in each of us. It is so often self who tries to live the Christian life (the mere fact that we use the word "try" indicates that it is self who has the responsibility). It is self, too, who is often doing Christian work. It is always self who gets irritable and envious and resentful and critical and worried. It is self who is hard and unyielding in its attitudes to others. It is self who is shy and self-conscious and reserved. No wonder we need breaking. As long as self is in control, God can do little with us, for all the fruits of the Spirit (they are enumerated in Galatians 5), with which God longs to fill us, are the complete antithesis of the hard, unbroken spirit within us and presupposes that it has been crucified.

Being broken is both God's work and ours. He brings His pressure to bear, but we have to make the choice. If we are really open to conviction as we seek fellowship with God (and willingness for the light is the prime condition of fellowship with God), God will show us the expressions of this proud, hard self that cause Him pain. Then it is, we can stiffen our necks and refuse to repent or we can bow the head and say, "Yes, Lord." Brokenness in daily experience is simply the response of humility to the conviction of God. And inasmuch as this conviction is continuous, we shall need to be broken continually. And this can be very costly, when we see all the yielding of rights and selfish interests that that this will involve, and the confessions and restitutions that may be sometimes necessary.

But dying to self is not a thing we do once for all. There may be an initial dying when God first shows these things, but ever after it will be a constant dying, for only so can the Lord Jesus be revealed constantly through us. All day long the choice will be before us in a thousand ways. It will mean no plans, no time, no money, no pleasure of our own. It will mean a constant yielding to those around us, for our yieldedness to God is measured by our yieldedness to man. Every humiliation, everyone who tries and vexes us, is God's way of breaking us, so that there is a yet deeper channel in us for the Life of Christ.

You see, the only life that pleases God and that can be victorious is His life--never our life, no matter how hard we try. But inasmuch as our self-centred life is the exact opposite of His, we can never be filled with His life unless we are prepared for God to bring our life constantly to death. And in that we must co-operate by our moral choice.

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 Re: Total Surrender To Christ

Bro. Bill,

I think of Paul, extradenary as he was,...What a knowing of God/ Relationship with Him !
And when I read your post,this is the Scripture that came to mind.(1Ti.3:12)

(12) Not as though I had already attained,either were already "perfect"; but I follow after, if that I may apprehend that for which also I am apprehended
of Christ Jesus....(vs13),( Paul repeats)Brethren,I count not myself to have apprehended;but this one thing I do,forgetting those things that are behind,and reaching forth unto those things which are before,(14),I "press"toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ.

a very good study , many key words,..from verse 7-21 .
It says so much for us.

We are so in need of Grace,..more Grace,....and it's right meaning,always.


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 Re: Total Surrender To Christ

Mr Bill -

I had a question that I was seeking God to answer it was "what was the difference between a Great man of God and a normal Christian"

The answer was simple - Holiness

This then me in another quest - the quest for Holiness and I devoured book after book after book on the subject, while all the while seeking to be taught and led by the Holy Spirit.

It was Hudson Taylor that termed the expression "the exchanged life"
The exchanged life can be summed up in this scripture "I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me, and delivered Himself up for me" Gal 2:20

Identification - it not surrender that you need you'll just plain old wear yourself out going down that road and end disillusioned and worn out.

Read the words of Hudson Taylor closely - "The Lord Jesus tells me I am a branch. I am part of Him, and have just to believe it and act upon it"

Do you see the revelation that Mr Hudson received to make him fully aware of his identity in Christ.

Here another man called Derek Prince - I remember my mum saying to me you must come to church, the blind see, they deaf hear and demons are being cast out... What I saw in that meeting that night I will never forget. However I have never came across anything like it since. So I knew that this was a man I had to investigate as he was different - the authority he carried with him was not man made it was supernatural.

Here is how the revelation came to him and truly became identified with Christ.

But one night during this period I had a very vivid dream. And in my dream I saw a typical open air meeting. A circle of people standing around and a man in the middle preaching. And as I watched the man and listened to him I said to myself, “What he’s preaching is pretty good.” But there was something I didn’t like about the man. It was like he was hunchbacked and he had a club foot and altogether he looked crooked. So I woke up and I thought, “I wonder what that meant,” and dismissed it. But about two weeks later I had the same dream again. So this time I said to myself, “God must be trying to tell me something. I wonder who the man is?” And it was like the Holy Spirit said to me what Nathan said to David, “thou art the man.”

And it opened up to me a completely new aspect of salvation. I was soundly saved by most standards, baptized in the Spirit, serving the Lord, but there was something in me that was crooked and unacceptable to God. It was the old man. I didn’t have any gospel understanding of God’s program for the old man. I had to find my way through these things.

Well, about the same time Easter was coming on and because of the Easter season somehow I had in my mind a mental image of the hill of Golgotha [or Calvary] and the three crosses on it. But the middle cross was much taller than the other two. And it was like the Holy Spirit put me through an examination. He said, “Now tell me, for whom was the middle cross made?” But it was as if he said, “Be careful before you answer.” So I stopped and thought and I said, “It was made for Barabbas.” And he said, “That’s right.” Because it really was not made for Jesus. Do you understand? Barabbas was due to be executed. But he was released at the last moment, Jesus took his place. So then he said, “But Jesus took the place of Barabbas.” I said, “That’s right.” Then the Holy Spirit said, “But I thought Jesus took your place?” I said, “Yes, that’s right.” Then he said, “You must be Barabbas.”

And at that point I saw it. I never try to argue with people about that, it’s a revelation. But I saw that I was the criminal for whom the cross was made. It was exactly to my measure. It was appropriate for me. But Jesus took my place.

That made it so vivid to me, God’s program for dealing with the old man. This is quite distinct from the forgiveness of sin. The forgiveness of sins is wonderful but you’re never going to have a life of victory or real fruitfulness as long as that old rebel is still alive inside you. God’s provision is the execution of the rebel. God’s mercy is the execution took place when Jesus died. Our old man was crucified with him. The Old King James says “is crucified” which is the perfect tense. But the more correct translation is “was crucified.” It’s a simple past tense, it’s an actual, historical fact that took place.

This doesn’t matter whether we know it or believe it, it’s true. But knowing it and believing it is going to change you and me.

"And at that point I saw it" Derek became identified with Christ and as Derek says:- knowing it and believing it is going to change you.

Hope that helps...

Colin Murray

 2015/9/12 21:06Profile

 Re: “You must be Barabbas.”

Yes this is true but the real Barabbas was spared and lived on.

When Christ died on the cross we died with Him and we were buried with Him.

When Christ arose from the dead we arose with Him as NEW CREATIONS!

Yes I used to be Barabbas - a criminal but now God has in Christ has made me one with Him.

That old Barabbas is dead and buried by what God did in Christ.

We can now enjoy and walk in this truth and lets never forget that now Christ Himself lives, abides and dwells in us.

 2015/9/13 6:57

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 Re: Total Surrender To Christ

The Lord,when we receive The Holy Spirit / Born of The Word,in us,..
He has come to make ALIVE our dead life,to not lye dead or dormant.
Your thoughts are good to see,and to desire this.He is an ALIVE GOD.

Sometimes,with other things crowding our minds,we can become DULL
of hearing ( His Voice),and we know we must get back to being sensitive
to His Spirit / voice again.For Paul says,"For as many,as are lead by The Spirit of God,THEY ARE THE SONS / CHILDREN OF GOD."

As you are desiring,we are to RESURRECT with Him.To say yes to His
Voice, as He LIVES /(which is LIFE) in us.He will,if we will let Him.

He offers us LIFE,and that more abundantly....daily,if we will " Hear His Voice,and not harden our hearts against Him.
That is where our REST/ PEACE

Sometimes He seems to speak to us more often than other times,...or is it
Maybe that,us we draw closer to God,daily,He draws close to us ?
I am sure that He speaks to you....He loves us ALL,SO MUCH.

THis is what He said to me yesterday,or the day before,..." Study thyself to be approved of God"

I took thought ,and meditated on this,...
I knew That God wanted my life to please Him,...with what I say,and do.
To watch be on guard.
Satan comes to steal,and to kill,...and we must always watch that the THIEF does not steal out of our house,...God is building this house,on His foundation....on the Spirit / Word of God.

So Mr. Bill,we are not any,without the need of help,...But we must say yes
Lord,to all His working.
That is what He had to say to His Fathers workings in Him.

So, if we be " Followers of Christ,..we must Follow God,The Father too,through the Spirit. Don't you think ?

Bless you, with much Grace,( The Devine enfflence upon the heart, and it's reflection in the LIFE.)...

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Yes, Satan comes to steal! Jesus was crucified between two thieves. One thief tried to steal the word from the heart of the other thief.

Matt_27:38 Then were there two thieves crucified with him, one on the right hand, and another on the left.

 2015/9/13 16:57

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 Re: Total Surrender To Christ

Amen Tuc - here is my thinking

I believe Mr Bill is expressing concerns hidden deep within all of us.

I see that Mr Bill has the will to surrender all - but somehow he just can't surrender; but I also see that he is aware of what holds him back -The Flesh.

What Mr Bill is experiencing is the conflict between the flesh and the spirit. Which leads him to ask the question - Can there really be a total surrender in the flesh.

Can I be free from this bondage - can I surrender all.

Which I would answer no, you'll never manage because in you there is no good thing - the deeper workings of the Spirit will bring us to place where we see that you not only sinned against God - but that you are sinful to the very core of your being.

Now on sermonindex I would say that all of us are born of the Spirit of God - but how many have attained the whole measure of the fullness of Christ?

Which led me to point to the exchange at cross - because if we hope to live a life totally surrendered everyday for the rest of our lives then we must attain the whole measure of the fullness of Christ, because he can live that life...

*Edit* - to add- Christ in us can surrender all

Which means we must be fully identified with Christ.

Colin Murray

 2015/9/13 20:41Profile

 fully identified with Christ.

Yes but we need to know the POWER of a covenant keeping God and the actual dwelling of Christ within us who can lead us daily from the flesh.

Listen to this message by David Wilkerson.

 2015/9/14 12:40

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This discussion on "Total Surrender" is so needed for all of us that are Christians, that have made Jesus Christ savior, and are serious about Jesus demands to be everything in our lives.

When we recognize the fact that Jesus Christ has the right to our full surrender because He is Lord, and we have been bought with a price, then we will see that we are not our own. The call of Jesus to total surrender is a call to forsake all. But this is not a gospel of doom and gloom for in dying to self, we have the very life of Christ living in us and through us.

Many of us have had the idea that being a Christian means that we obey God, do the will of God, and live the Christian life with God's help. We ask God to help us while we make our own plans for our lives. We ask Him to help us in our jobs, our families, and with every affair of our lives.

The problem is that the self life can never make a total surrender to God, and if we think that we can, then God will lead us through many experiences of failure until we realize the total inability of the flesh to please God, and that in our flesh dwells no good thing.

The good news is that when we come to the end of ourselves then God can reveal to us that Christ not only died on the cross to save us from our sins, but now the living Christ through the Holy Spirit is living in us. it is He that lives His life in us and through us, so that we can say as the Apostle Paul: "For me to live is Christ."

Thank you brother for recommending the excellent book by Roy Hession: "The Calvary Road". Another good book is "Absoulte Surrender" by Andrew Murray that can be accessed online.


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