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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Warning: False Testimonies of Brother Yun, the "Heavenly Man"

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 Re: responding

In answer:

I put it quotes cause it was a quote the page by page description that is verifiable.

(people who want me to "back it up" go read the book yourself! I did, that's why I quoted the man that did the footwork, cause I did not want to read it again)

I was saved out of a Meth addiction...I have seen demons, and the unstoppable hand of GOD....but I am not so blind to believe in Benny Hinn's lying prophesies...or some of this mans fantasy.

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Can I ask you Doulos, are you a young Christian, young in the Lord?

I read your quote , its your quote I have a problem with. There is no accusation of lying or wrong doing in there backed up by evidence, just accusation and a healthy dose of sceptisism of the supernatural. You will not find any fans of Benny Hinn on this forum,yet, this has absolutely nothing to do with brother Yun, nothing at at all. I have read the book, in fact I have read his other book as well, "Living Water," and I found nothing noteworthy of critisism, in fact I was greatly blessed by it.

Unless you have some actual evidence of wrongdoing, some quote that is anti-biblical, some statement that he made that could be tested , then you really ought to stop this attack on the man's character, now comparing him to Benny Hinn.

I believe that you may have seen demons, but I am not sure what that has to do with brother Yun. There are some within the Christian community would think you a fraud just for that statement, I am not one of them. Think carefelly brother before you launch accusations , especially without any evidence..........Frank

 2009/2/18 0:46

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 Re: The Book: "The Heavenl Man"

Firstly, now I am not sure if I should have revived this post again. Instead of reviving oursleves, I guess the debate on the integrity of a third person, who is not even present, has been revived :-) Seems revival is happening, but not as we expected. :-))

My earlier post has been just to share the things that has encouraged me when I read the book. And I see that I have been encouraged in the way of discipleship and loving and depending on the Lord more earnestly. Hence I testified to that and shared those points that has encoraged me so that others too can be encouraged.
But I guess not all have been encouraged that way.
So maybe just leave it at that !?
Nothing that Brother Yun has spoken off is impossible with God. I guess we all agree to that. So assuming He was exagerating ... here that would mean, saying things that God could have done but did not do. In which case, God will take care of that in HIS time. But either way, why should it distress us?
Will it end up making us trust God more whole heartdly!? Will it make us believe that God can do the impossible!? how am I being deceived?
Jesus still remains my Lord, He is still in control.
Well that I guess brings me to the last possibility (i could not think of anything else) that I would be cheated of my money. The money that God has given me, might go into the wrong hands!! I guess here is where, i will need to give based on God's prompting and not based on somebodies testimony or pleading. Something I need the Lord to teach me. If this is my desire, then cant I trust God to lead me in this regard. but inspite of this if He allows me to be cheated, there should be a learning there or as in Corinthians, have the heart that says let it be.
So my dear brethren, let us encourage one another and let even our correction and strong words be so soaked in love and patience and humility ... after all if we endure till the end, we are going to spend eternity together :-)

 2009/2/20 15:49Profile

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