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 Family is a picture of God - Bakht Singh

Man was made in God’s likeness which was intelligently planned. Among the other features that are similar between God and man, the most important one is the emotional likeness that is meant to enable us to understand God.

Human emotions are the root cause of the existence of mankind as a society and necessary for it to live as a society. Every person has some special people with whom he is emotionally bound or related.

We have our parents who gave us birth and brothers and sisters who are born to the same parents. Our parents also have their parents and brothers and sisters. This is what we call the family. Within the family the human emotions have full liberty to blossom and to express themselves.

For example, the emotion of love finds its expression first of all between the husband and wife. After sometime when they have children, they love their children too. When the children grow up enough they love their parents. The institution of family is wonderfully designed by God to help us to understand Him. When we look into the family relations, we understand how God feels in certain situations and why God did certain deeds in the past.

When our children disobey us, we are hurt and we complain about it. We have to understand that God is our Father and He too is hurt when we do not obey Him. Sometimes husbands complain that their wives are not submissive and they are not obedient. But once again God is speaking to us through the situation. Isaiah 54:5 says that God is our husband. As a wife is expected to submit herself to the husband, each one of us is bound to submit himself or herself to God.

These relationships were created by God to make us understand when and by what kind of behaviour we are pleasing and displeasing God.

We are all in the family of God. Some of us are pleasing God and some are displeasing Him. If we continue to displease Him till the end of our lives and enter eternity as disobedient children we will have a miserable eternity! Let us examine ourselves and come back to God and live a life that brings joy to our Creator!

Arthur Rosh

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