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 The Gospel of Jesus Christ by John Boruff

In a day of superficial gospels and seeker-sensitive churches, John Boruff digs deep into church history, giving us many choice excerpts of what godly men in the past preached and believed. He sets the plumb line from Scripture, and shows how this current generation is needing a correction in its gospel. I recommend this volume for saints to read and share with others. —Greg Gordon, Founder of


In the past decade, there has been a rise of a new breed of street preachers—a move, especially among Generations X and Y, through YouTube, and on college campuses, to preach the Bible with striking clarity, much more so than is currently heard in most churches today and in the recent past. But with the renewed focus on open air preaching, there needs to be a return to sound doctrine as found in the soteriology of the Great Awakening. The author takes his lead from John Wesley, as The Gospel of Jesus Christ is intended to be a practical manual for street preachers, evangelists, missionaries, pastors, and all Christians to preach a clear gospel presentation. Hell has enlarged her mouth and time is short! The task is urgent! Let our mouths be filled with the words of Christ's salvation as we go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature! (Mark 16:15).

About the Author:
John Boruff (B.A., Philosophy and Religion, UNC Pembroke) is the founder of, which is committed to spreading classic Christian spirituality in the Wesleyan tradition. He feels called to preach the gospel wherever the opportunity may be found, and has a hunger to grow in and teach on the spiritual gifts. He is also a husband and father.

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You can download the ebook for free here:

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 Re: The Gospel of Jesus Christ by John Boruff

I came across the following quote in the 3rd chapter:

' The first and most powerful sign, which would be common to all real Christians, would be what John Wesley called “the witness of the Spirit.” This is mentioned in Romans 8:16:

“The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children.”

This is a deep and lasting impression in the soul, in the intuition, in the heart that affirms, “I am a child of God. Jesus loves me, died on the cross for my sins, and my sins are forgiven. I am reconciled to a right relationship with God.”
This is not necessarily the voice of God or a dream, although it may take those forms as well; but generally it is an intuitive knowing within one’s heart, a “know that you know” experience— something that produces a strong and lasting faith; a deep
inner confidence that could endure all trials, tribulations, temptations,depressions, confusions, sufferings, and even martyrdom for Christ.

Without this witness, there is no real faith, and hence no salvation; this is the undergirding power, and even the essence of saving faith.'

I have to admit that this experience is foreign to me, despite having prayed for it for many years. Please pray for me.

 2015/7/21 4:35

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I wish there was a way to personally meet you all on here. And, for you, Butters, man, I'd like to HEAR you. I want to encourage you. I'm praying for you to have an experience with the Lord that leaves you assured of His love for you and your place in Him. I am asking the Lord while typing this that the Holy Spirit of God will just come down to you in a way that brings you to your own knees and to your surrender to Him and His overwhelming acceptance of you to just pour across your inner man like warm oil.


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