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"... As you come to Love... THAT lasts forever. It gets deeper and deeper and deeper. As you become more and more acquainted with the Love of the Body of Christ and His Vision and Heart for His Bride, love grows. As you pour your heart and your life and your mind into that Vision, love matures and flowers and blossoms. Like a beautiful plant, new life springs up continually with a new blossom and a new bud. It's always changing. It's always better and more mature. The roots are deeper. The life is greener. The flowers are more fragrant. And, most importantly, it grows. Love does that. Nothing else does that. Everything else vanishes. Tongues cease and prophecies pass away and fade. Everything else diminishes, but love grows and grows. That IS pure religion! That IS what it's about. Other stuff is great, but only as it blossoms out of the vine of God's love, out of the plant of God's planting in His Vineyard. We'll never know how real He is or be real ourselves, until we daily LIVE a true love in the midst of his Church and the world He died for. It isn't something that can be attained but it's certainly a vision to uphold. Plead with God to open your eyes... to put His living-love sparkle in your eyes."

just thought this was such a beautiful picture painted with words.rdg

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