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 Thoughts on the Judeo-centricity of Daniel 9:24-27

The prophecy of the 70 weeks is essentially the framework of the future

With the link of Daniel's prophecy to the Olivet Discourse and other New Testament eschatological passages, Daniel's prophecies become pivotal. It provides the key and establishes the framework of further prophetic discussion. Understanding it properly is critical, then, to the proper understanding of prophecy as a while. [1]

God has invested His own strategy for His return and the finishing of the mystery of God in the details of this great prophecy.

The covenant lens of Daniel 9:24-27 sets the proper context of God's workings before us.

Virtually everything, more or less directly depends on the right interpretation of Daniel 9:24-27.

Daniel 9:24-27 gives the covenantal and Judeo-centricity of the end times (Dan 9:24, 10:14, 12:1) as particularly built around God's still unresolved covenant controversy with His people and with all nations through them (Lev 26:25, Micah 6:2, Isa 34:8).

In an attempt to analyze and interpret prophecy correctly, many have employed the supposed necessity of transferring prophecy out of its original Jewish context into a more symbolic and spirtualized fulfillment in the Church. The same has been done with Daniel's prophecy of 70 weeks. The rule seems to be that the original and literal Jewish context must be rejected if any progress is to be made in prophetic interpretation.

No interpretation of this prophecy which ignores the Jewish focus should be seriously considered. The nation of Israel was Daniel's concern at this point and the subject of his prayer. In the introduction to the prophecy Gabriel speaks of “your people and your holy city” and of the holy of holies” (qodesh qadashim), which is clearly and always in the Old Testament a reference to Israel's tabernacle or temple. The prophecy throughout employs such terms as “Jerusalem,” “the city,” “the sacrifice and the oblation,” and “the many.” The people and the city under discussion could not be more obvious, namely the nation Isarel and her capital city, Jerusalem. [2]

[1&2] - taken from paper "Daniel's 70 Weeks" - by Fred Zaspel. Copyright 1991.

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