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TEXT: LUKE 15:17

"And when he came to himself, he said, How many hired servants
of my father's have bread enough and to spare, and I perish with
The young man in out text started in affluence and riches but ended up in a pig ponds. He left his father's embrace and control by reason of what his father gave him. His portion of his father's estate took Him away from his father: then his portion of his father's estate on the other hand left him in a pig ponds after a while. The wealth procured from his father gave him wings with which he flew to a far country: but not long, the wings were broken...the feathers clipped and he landed amongst the pigs.

If the father new this would happen to his son, he would not have given in to his request: here lies the error and oversight of many ministers. As shepherds and men that are saddled with the responsibility of knowing the state of our flock, not every yearning and itching of the lives under us should be given in to or attended to. Take for instance, if a man comes to us and desires us to agree with him on his desire to travel out of the country for a mere sight seeing: it is contingent upon us to look beyond his request. He may go there and never return the same. This is hard, but it is the truth.

Not all prayer requests are worth our attentions. Let us be men that see beyond comfort, pleasure, happiness and fame. Our duty as servants of God is crucial, and God would hold us accountable for every soul that slip out of our hands. In this days that men seek pleasure, comfort and indulgence, we should not be myopic to allow our flock stray away in pursuit of these things. May we surmise humbly and guidedly here, that God, in his foreknowledge and prescience disposition does not answer every prayer: he does not give in to any request that falls outside His sovereign will and any one that Would be injurious to any of his son in the future.

He gives what we can control not what can control us. Anything that can manage or control a saint, does not fall within God's provision for him. In the matter of the largeness of the heart of the father to love and forgive the prodigal son, God is exemplified and absolutely represented: but in the prompt response to the son's request without hesitation, we are bold to surmise that God does not act in hast thus! He gives liberally yet not foolishly.

If some of our prayers are answered, we would have been found in a pig ponds long ago! Thank God for His foreknowledge! Some seemingly refusal are just a way of keeping us from amongst the pig and make us remain in the presence of the father. To always be in need of God is the most healthy spiritual state a man can imagine. When a man always have a need for God, he would never run dry. But when God "settles" a man, that is, He pays him off, same would be lost after the pay is exhausted.

So, this son was lost because of his lust: he was found when his lust gives way! He came to himself; found his life and took a decision to return from the foreign land. His father did not send men to look for him, neither did he run after him. The young man was on his own and lost in the midst of pigs. Pigs do not speak: dirt is their habitat and habitation. Their nature is friendly with dirty environment because their heart is dirty. They lack reasoning and careless about cleanliness. This is the true picture of our generation!

When he looks around, he sees nothing that looks like his father nor his brother: no man to talk to him...this environment brought him to himself. He became his own pastor and "messiah." He preached to himself that he has sinned against heaven and his father. True self-pastoring starts when a man finds himself. Many saints have lost themselves in the midst of the crowd: continuously being tossed by waves and repeatedly being carried hither and thither (around in circles) by every wind of the teaching (what is taught) within the caprice (the throw of the dice; versatile artifice; games of chance) of mankind, in readiness to do anything (amoral craftiness; working everything) toward the methodical treatment (systematizing) of The Wandering (the straying; the deception). To be continued.

Emeka Joe Uzosike

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