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by Sree on 2015/7/16 1:46:01

According to me, unless and until it is openly advertised that they kill babies to make these medicines, we as Christians can use those medicines. We are not asked to be deductives to go looking for how each and every thing that we consume is made off. Paul advised Romans to eat the meat available in market without asking question. He did not ask them to go and investigate whether they have used it for idol worship or not. But if they advertise that the meat is special meat offered to idols then we are asked not to eat for the sake of those who sell not for ours. For us all things are clean.

Well, today Sree they do advertise things about our water and our food so according to your logic I guess we can do something about it.

We have been told today, that our water contains fluoride and chlorine (unless you are using well water). Just as you throw away the plastic package that frozen peas come in before eating them, you can get rid of the chlorine and fluoride "package" (that safeguards the water but not your body), by using a filter. No one wants to eat the "package", right?

Chlorine is a carcinogen and chloride and fluoride lodge in your thyroid, slowly destroying it. The 3 Thyroid Bullies are Fluoride, Chloride and Bromide. your thyroid is a magnet for these. They use to put bromine in bread but had to remove it. Of these 3, Bromide is the worse bully for our thyroid. I know many Believers with Thyroid problems. It is actually an epidemic in America.

They also advertise today GMO foods and all the different chemical additives in foods are on the external label. Are we not supposed to read them?

Personally, I don't think people need to have permission to investigate their environment, their water or their food. In today's world, run by greed, it is just good wisdom. Paul, probably would have been concerned about some of the same things we are concerned about, today. Of course, you can't let it consume you and I don't think Paul would let that happen. You absolutely don't have to let concern for these things consume you. You can go to the extreme and ruin fellowship with other Believers because you refuse to partake of their meal when they invite you over. There are good measures to take, but ultimately, in all things we have to trust the Lord. No one can catch everything wrong for our health that is being done, today.

 2015/9/2 16:06

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