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 Scripture cartoons

Who drew the Scripture cartoons that I see uploaded here?

The initials appear to be R M E, but I don't know who that is. Frank Beard was the first to really do this sort of thing in his 1880s-early 1900s weekly THE RAM'S HORN, then E. J. Pace became, as others have put it, "the dean of Christian cartoonists," for his fine illustrations in THE SUNDAY SCHOOL TIMES (1916-1946), and many others followed Pace's example with these single panel cartoons, such as Charles L. Ramsey in TODAY'S PENTECOSTAL EVANGEL (1930s-1980s), W. J. Dittmar in THE GOSPEL HERALD (1910s - 1960s), U. S. Abell in MOODY MONTHLY (1920s-40s), Jack Hamm in THE BAPTIST STANDARD (1950s-80s), and Dr. Pace's successor J. Emerson Russell in THE SUNDAY SCHOOL TIMES (1946-1956), but those initials R M E don't ring a bell.

Can anyone here provide an answer?

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 Re: Scripture cartoons

It appears that he is likely a 7th day Adventist, not that there is necessarily anything wrong with that.


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That may be why I didn't know who did them. 7th Day Adventists uphold Ellen White whose prophecies have not shown themselves to be true. They also impose certain legal(ist) requirements which, in this dispensation and under the New Covenant, are not necessary for followers for Jesus Christ.


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