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 Choosing rather to Suffer

I just finished listening to the featured sermon. When i listen to the speakers on here, I am always left with the thought, when are you going to lay it all down?

I like something I heard on another site about throwing all our chips on the table and betting it all on Jesus. I thought that was a good way of putting it.

If I had to go through my day, how much of what I am doing is necessary and how much is just letting life slip through the hour glass. Coming back to the sermon, I am rather challenged by the thought of willingly chossing to endure hardship. In my present life situation it was rather pertinent.

Great sermon, as most are on this site.

Zeke Oosthuis

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 Re: Choosing rather to Suffer

Great sermon, as most are on this site.

Yes this sermon is great. It was preached as the final prayer meeting that Ravenhill was running at Keith Greens school of ministry. They had it running for 2 years in which it grew quite large, so the decision was for people to go off to their own homes and run their own prayer meetings and therefore having an splinter effect to expand the work God was doing.

I am desiring to hear this sermon again! yes we need to lay it [b]all[/b] down. Thanks for sharing how this sermon touched you. Feel free to also post an sermon comment for it also here: [url=]Comment on the "Choosing Rather to Suffer" sermon here.[/url]

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