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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Not fullfilling the lust of the flesh

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Ewane, go to my profile and shoot me an email.


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Ewane, the Lord is probably asking you to make some dramatic changes in your life pertaining to your weakness for pornography and beyond that, the root. He wants to touch something deeper in your life. Pornography is just a manifestation of a sympton. Let the Lord lay the axe to the root. What is the Lord telling you and are you prepared to do it? You need to follow Him one command at a time. You can ask a lot of men what to do, but the Lord is speaking TO YOU and YOU MUST follow His instructions.

 2015/6/21 20:33

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Jesus said that if your right eye or right hand causes you to sin pluck it out and cut it off.

We live in a world that is awash with erotic images, so therefore it is up you, me and anyone else that wants to live a holy life as a follower of Jesus to turn our heads when something is before us. It's up to you not to get onto certain sites on the internet. If it is too much of a temptation, throw your computer in the bin. It is far better to loose your computer, than loose your soul in Hell.

If your spiritual eyes were opened at the time you are committing such sin you may be shocked. For in the room with you looking on are numerous Angels and a great cloud of witnesses.

My advice to you is repent, for God is waiting to forgive you. Then get rid of anything in your house that may make you stumble. Then get your eyes on Jesus and follow hard after Him.

May God bless you.



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there many times i've vowed never to get back into it. but not too long when the temptations surface i fall into the same things i have preached against to my friends and colleaques

By no vow we can avoid sin. We can be overcommers only when we know how much our sin hurts God. We will be overcomers only when we come to the point where we say clearly that Lord I cannot do it myself, you should work inside me, there is nothing in me that can prevent me from sinning. Lord waits till we come to that point. We cannot come to that point by preaching or telling it to our self. We will come to the point only by repeated failures. Hit the ground zero. Ask God to anoint you so that you will never feel that you are alone. One thing common among many men of God is they always had the feel of constant presence of God in their life.

Pornography is a sin that no Christian can commit in the presence of another person. It is a sin that he can do only when he is alone. So try to avoid as much as possible to be alone. Try to find fellowship whenever you may be at the risk of being alone. Still if you happen to be alone, think this, a poison taken whether in public or alone will kill a person, same way Sin will also separate us from God whether we do it alone or in public.

Some technical advices that you can follow if you really want to get rid of a habit.:-
1. If you still cannot come out of it. Get rid of an internet connection.
2. If that is not possible due to professional reasons then Get a connection that is very slow that you can only read textual content and no multimedia can be downloaded.
3. There is a software that you can install in your computer that will send an email to your specified contact about suspicious sites that you visit. This way you will have some accountability on your internet usage. You can put an elder brother's email address. Trust me you will soon be out of it!


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 Re: Not fullfilling the lust of the flesh

Hi Ewane,

Your struggle is not uncommon among Christians, and I certainly can identify with both your struggle and your desire to please our Lord Jesus.

I found freedom as I developed a better understanding of who He is and who I am in Him. Ask God to open your eyes to see the truth in Scripture (particularly the Book of Romans), and teach you to renew your mind accordingly with the truth.

Other resources which you might find helpful:

1. "Classic Christianity: Life's Too Short to Miss the Real Thing" (Bob George)

2. "Lifetime Guarantee" (Bill Gillham)

3. Dustin Horstmann's testimony of God setting him free from lust - Part 1:; Part 2:

I have also briefly shared my testimony in this thread here:

My best advice to you is not to focus on the sin/struggle, but to focus on Jesus and start learning the truth from Him.

Also be assured that God still loves you in the midst of your struggle. Even if you fall into sin, His love for you does not change. May you learn to rest in His love :)

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Particularly Romans chapter 8 which explains "Life in the Spirit".

Arthur Rosh

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 Re: Not fullfilling the lust of the flesh

Michael Pearls 'Sin no more' series was instrumental in my life.

His 'Romans' Series is supposed to also have been instrumental in many understanding the Gospel and being delivered from habitual sins.

He has recently done a series on the 'Science of Addiction and the Brain' that I have not listened to. Those teachings can be found at the No Greater Joy Website.

edit add : yuehan's advise seems to be very good also.

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Georgia, USA

 Re: Not fullfilling the lust of the flesh

Brother, God is a great God of deliverance, and He will help you if you call to Him with your whole heart. You must, however, have only one goal in mind: to glorify God. His glory must be your supreme desire in every area of your life. There is one reason why this has not been a victory yet for you, and that is because you have desired pleasure more than the glory of God. I too have fought with this and God has granted me victory by His grace through me surrendering myself for His glory and pursuing it exclusively. Usually, I do not do this because of SI rules, but I believe the moderators would be okay with me sharing this link as they look into the contents of it. is an excellent help with overcoming these sins. They have a 60 day program called "The Way of Purity" and they will go over Scripture each day with you and assign a mentor to be an accountability partner who has also gone through the course and obtained victory. I can testify myself that it will be invaluable to you. Many, many people have been delivered from sexual sin through the godly counsel of this site. Please consider taking this course.

Ryan Rutan

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Thanks very much brother Ryan


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