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 Re: Revelation 22:10-11

There is one interpretation of this verse that comes back to haunt me, troubling me, yet on the other hand it is comforting.

Many of us have witnessed people deliberately perverting the WORD of God, ending up preaching another gospel which is of another Jesus. In the beginning they appeared to be sincere, earnest in their walk with the LORD. There may have been a few things about them that caused one to question their walk, but then, everyone is in a stage of growth, learning, repenting - this is the norm for a Believer. Instead of them growing there appeared to be serious backslidding because the work to defend it, teaching others also to do, believe likewise..

We get frustrated.

Is the angel telling John to just leave them alone? Do not fret about them?

What say?


Sandra Miller

 2015/6/20 18:39Profile

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My wife and I were discussing a similar subject (inclusion) and this was her take; Jesus will meet us right where we are at and if we choose to follow Him, He won't leave us where we are at. If we don't choose to follow Him, He will leave us where we are at. He did the rich young ruler...
I found this to be succinct and consistent with my understanding. There does seem to be confusion between "potentials and literals" and as you've pointed out sister Sandra there are many who are building on shifting sand and go to lengths to convince others to do also.


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