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 Every Single Knot Jesus Can Untie

"We can all say that we started off life, to use an illustration, with a ball of string neatly rolled up. But, through the years that string we have tied up into ten thousand or ten million knots. And now, as we look at this ball of string, tied into ten thousand or ten million knots, we're frustrated, we're discouraged, we're wondering what we can do. And then comes to us this wonderful message of the Bible: that Jesus Christ can untie every knot.

I don't know how many knots you've got your life tied up into friend, but I want to tell you the good news: every single knot Jesus can untie. He can give you back a whole roll of string, with your whole life just as if you were born now. And you can start life all over again, if you'll turn to Jesus Christ, call upon His name and say, 'Lord Jesus, you came to destroy the works of the devil--destroy those works in my life.'" - Zac Poonen

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 Re: Every Single Knot Jesus Can Untie

Thanks for this quote by Zac Poonen. Sometimes we look back and see what a knotted mess we have made even as believers in Christ. Jesus does throw our sins as far as the east is from the West when we lay it all at his feet. Repentance and forgiveness gives us a clean slate, a knot untied. We have to remind ourselves and stand firm when the enemy brings up past sins and we begin to come under condemnation. Our God is faithful and true.

I surely do appreciate this website and also the beautiful sepia pictures of brothers and sisters in Christ who have run the race. Praying for you both.

 2015/6/9 0:26

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Yes good word this. Myself and others personal experiences would say to follow that still small voice of God... Its the way out of the wilderness and confusion and leads to his Highway. God knows the best path for us. I've had to listen out of desperation to that still voice many times when I didnt know the way. It can unravel giant knots of complexity in a short space of time.

David Keel

 2015/6/9 6:04Profile

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