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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Jill and Jessa Defend brother Duggar

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 Jill and Jessa Defend brother Duggar


Jill notes, "We didn’t even know about it until he went and confessed it to my parents."

Jill does admit she was "scared" and angry at first. "I was like, how could this happen? And then, you know, my parents explained to us what happened and then Josh came and asked each of us, individually, he asked me to forgive him. And I had to make that choice to forgive him, you know? And it wasn't something that somebody forced like, 'Oh, you need to do this.' It's like, you have to make that decision for yourself."

Adds Jessa, "With challenges and struggles just like anybody else. It's right to say, 'Here's what I believe, here's my values,' even if you've made stupid mistakes or failures. If you’ve had failures in your past it doesn't mean you can't be changed. I think the real issue is people are making this sound like it happened yesterday."


My comments: I really appreciate them coming out about this. Great way to demonstrate Christ. On both sides.

 2015/6/5 19:43

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 Re: Jill and Jessa Defend brother Duggar

read what they had to say and have been thinking about it. I have some thoughts on this, things the Lord has placed on my heart.


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 Re: Jill and Jessa Defend brother Duggar

Good article.

It is becoming clearer to me by the day that the world has no inkling of the transforming power of Jesus nor what forgiveness really does. All they know is how to wallow around in offenses - like a hog that loves to wallow around in the mud - and they refuse to get out because it is so much fun (and to a hog it really is).


Sandra Miller

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The world doesn't but the world also sees so many incidents of molestations and the victims carry this pain with them, often, for the rest of their lives both in the church and out of the church.

The problem with this situations is the family is trying to say everything is ok and even the girls are saying everything is ok. Is it really ok? Are we sure the girls are not parroting their words like a cult like propaganda, just because they are Christians? This is quiverful.



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one of the things that bothers me the most as a past victim of abuse by a family member is having someone else tell me how I am suppose to feel. i really think its not any one else place to come here and say these two young women don't know how they are truly feeling or that they are only saying the things they are because some one else has told them too. honestly they are adults, they are married, and living on their own now with their husbands i am pretty sure they can think and honestly describe how they feel about the situation.

also in Christ their can be healing, victims don't have to be victims for the rest of their lives. Jesus forgives and heals often setting those effected free from past does not have to be life long pain for those who have found healing in Christ.

trust me just because someone isn't crying constantly and seeking to get attention for something that they may have dealt with years ago does not mean they have not dealt with it all. it just might mean in Christ they have found healing and have forgiven and are moving on with Him. lets not take the world view on this and assume forgiveness and healing can't happen, when we know if Christ it can.

it seems to me sadly many in the world and even in those professing to be Christians just want to rip this old wound back open again and put all the raw emotion and hurt on display. is that really what Christ would have from us??

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RDG has a good point.

I admit wavering back and forth on my feelings about how the Duggars handled this way back when.

But, you either do something akin to what they did, or you go to the government for its solutions, it seems to me.

Neither are ideal.

Yet, what if there were no huge government agency or network of agencies to deal with this? What if this were 60 years ago? Would we be as prone to second guess them? Because it seems to me that the major armchair QBing is done on whether the parents ran quickly enough to government for its resolution. I attest that the government could have done no better than the situation as it exists today, given what we are told from the famiily and reading the police reports from 2006.

Did the Duggars do everything right and with full integrity? No. Did they take steps to keep Josh at bay from the girls and hold him accountable? Yes. Did they walk him through to repentance and restoration? By all publicly visible evidence, yes. Are they being 100 percent up front now? I don't know and I don't believe they are required. They owe me nothing. And I do not watch the show anyway. It always got on my nerves as contrived.


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