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 About Fasting - Basil

I'm wondering if we could add this to SI. It's from Saint Basil the Great. SI already has some work on Basil but most of his stuff isn't translated.

Looking through it has a lot of gems about fasting. Here are a few excerpts:

Fasting knocks over temptations, anoints for godliness. She is a companion of sobriety, the crafter of a sound mind. In wars she fights bravely, in peace she teaches tranquility. She sanctifies the Nazirite, and she perfects the priest.

Fasting is like sharpening the edges of a man by dipping his body in iron—it makes him tougher than lions!

Fasting makes lawmakers wise. She is a safeguard of a soul, a stabilizing companion to the body, a weapon for the brave, a discipline for champions.

Fasting gives birth to prophets, shestrengthens the powerful.


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 Re: About Fasting - Basil

Thanks dear brother, we will try to add this, these early believers practiced fasting as part of the Church life, we have much to learn from them.

There are also great contemporary books on fasting, by Derek Prince, Arthur Wallis and others.

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