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Lord, my following is unalloyed:
I follow not because of gains-
As do many, who you employed.
These are hireling, itching for coins.
For my following is unalloyed!

If my mouth oh lord you muzzle;
As I thresh out the corn:
This would not my soul puzzle;
But would my service to you turn.
For my following is unalloyed!

I care not if I drink not the milk
Of the sheep kept under my care:
For my pay is not their fleez and milk;
'Tis to make my work to the Lord dear.
For my following is unalloyed!

No eye for the wine from the vineyard:
No salivate for the redness thereof;
Untroubled am I about the gains of the yard;
Not for me, but for the Lord: soul, keep off.
For my following is unalloyed!

The wars are won: plainty are the spoil!
How bountiful are the pillage and plunders!
Yet David's are they called! My soul coil
Away from them, they are the wonder's.
For my following is unalloyed!

E'en when it manifest as though you
Are a distance removed from my tent;
And instead of the fresh morning dew,
My soul encounters a strange bent!
For my following.slowing is unalloyed!

While I have my whole being, I aoth:
In winter,autumn  spring and summer,
My soul would follow you unwavering both
In these times and seasons forever.
For my following is unalloyed!

Emeka Joe Uzosike

 2015/4/11 12:04Profile

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