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 Longing for the coming of Christ.

Longing for the coming of Christ.

Come, Lord Jesus, come quickly: O ! come, lest my expectation faint, lest I grow weary, and murmur at thy long delay. I am tired with these vanities, and the world grows every day more unentertaining and insipid ; it has now lost its charms, and finds my heart insensible to all its allurements. With coldness and contempt I view these transitory glories, inspired with nobler prospects and vaster expectations, by faith I see the promised land, and every day brings me nearer the possession of my heavenly inheritance. Then shall I see God and live, and face to face behold my triumphant Redeemer,

And in His favour find immortal light. Ye hour and days, cut short your tedious flight; Ye months and years (if such alloted be; In this detested barren world for me) With hasty revolution roll along, I languish with impatience to be gone.

I have nothing here to linger for; my hopes, my rest, my treasure, and my joys are all above: my soul faints for the courts of the Lord, in a dry and thirsty land where is no refreshment.

How long "shall I dwell in Meshech, and sojourn in the tents of Kedar?" When will the wearisome journey of life be finished? When shall I reach my everlasting home, and arrive at my celestial country? My heart, my wishes are already there! l have no engagements to delay my farewell, nothing to detain me here; but wander an unacquainted pilgrim, a stranger and desolate, far from my native regions.

My friends are gone before, and are now triumphing in the skies, secure of the conquest, possessed of the rewards of victory, They survey the field of battle, and look back with pleasure on the distant danger: death and hell, for ever vanquished, leave them in the possession of endless tranquillity and joy ; while I beset with a thousand snares, and tired with continual toil, unsteadily maintain the field, till active faith steps in, assures me of the conquest, and shows me the immortal crown. It is faith that tells me, that "light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart." It assures me, that " my Redeemer lives, and that He shall stand at the last day on the earth. And "though, after my skin, worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh I shall see God: whom I shall see for myself, and not another, and these eyes shall behold, though my reins be consumed within me. Amen: even so come, Lord Jesus." This must be the language of my soul till thou dost appear, and these my impatient breathings after thee. Till I see thy salvation, my heart and my flesh will pine for the living God.

"Grant me, O Lord, to fulfil as a hireling my day " shorten the space, and let it be full of action. Tis is of small importance how few there are of these little circles of days and hours, so they are but well filled up with devotion, and with all proper duty.

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