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 Following Jesus in Discipleship

Immediately they left their nets and followed Him. - Mark 1:18

It is a blessed truth that Christianity is not as much about believing as it is about following. Jesus was not looking for people to believe only but also for those who would commit to make that belief real by following his teachings and ways. Believing is important and we need not minimize it but to only believe will never allow us to be his disciples who experience the life transformation of our inner being. Humanity has so many beliefs that people hold to but so few of those beliefs radically change the person in his heart and thoughts.

Discipleship is not a set of beliefs or rules. It is a relationship and commitment to follow daily the person of Jesus Christ. Remember when you first came to the Lord. Do not heap burdens on new disciples that you could have never carried. It is a freeing thing to walk with Jesus daily and be his follower. He will work with you every day to help you let go of things that will hinder you and hold to things that will help. Men make suggestions on what can help in our Christian walks but only Jesus can give us what we really need daily to follow in his ways. Have you been stuck in the mud of only believing and reading about our Lord and his ways? You can be his disciple and follower today, start to walk with him and speak with him. He will guide your ways and give you the inner peace so you can be a help to others in life.

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