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 "The Withering Work of the Spirit" - by Spurgeon

I had a chance to read it this morning online. It's appropriate for those who may be having trouble doing the most common things or spiritual exercises you thought you were sort of good at. It's a hard word of sorts but it's edifying in the end and how it concludes as the reason behind the withering work of the Spirit is explained. I've been frustrated lately trying to put something together from scripture which should be somewhat relatively easy and maybe this at least helps explain in a small part why I have needed a fresh wind. But the wind can blow in our lives in many areas that need to have new life. It's a easy sermon to Google and find and I can recommend it.

Blessings every which a way to you all.

David Winter

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 Re: "The Withering Work of the Spirit" - by Spurgeon

amen this is a link to it on SI:

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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There are some very old sermons --- ok, MANY :) --- that need desperately to be re-preached en masse today. This is one.

Someone with the gift of updating archaic phrases and grammar without harming the message should republish Spurgeon and others.


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